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By Michael Oberndorf · Nov. 27, 2012

Just in case you've been visiting relatives on the dark side of the Moon for the past few months, and aren't up to speed on the latest events, I'd like to point out that the Middle East, under the guiding hands of the Only Adult in the Room, and the Smartest Woman in America, is about to disintegrate into regional war and chaos of historic, unprecedented proportions. Egypt is about to explode; Iran is inches away from having nuclear weapons and is supplying arms and missiles to Syria and Hamas at a rate almost as fast as Congress is borrowing money from China and spending it on only God knows what; Syria is engulfed in civil war; al-Qaeda is growing like a metastasizing cancer; and the Fifth Column media are complicit in promoting the Islamist version of events, and covering up the Obama administrations disastrous inept meddling in it all.

The animals in Gaza, the ones who claim to be “Palestinians,” supposed citizens of a made-up nation, have in the recent past fired some 1,500 rockets into residential neighborhoods in Israel. No military targets were fired on. These have all been intended to kill civilians. All. Clearly, under “International Law,” these attacks are war crimes, but since they are being committed by Muslims against Jews, the International Criminal Court just can't seem to bring itself to press charges.

Egypt has aided and abetted Hamas, allowing them to come and go as they please, supporting them along with Iran, with money and weapons. The current escalation has occurred since Muslim Brotherhood biggie and Obama-supported would-be dictator, Mohamed Morsi Isa El-Ayyat, took power after an election he said the Brotherhood wouldn't participate in. Just last week, he moved to usurp what amounts to dictatorial power. Though the Egyptian judiciary is opposing his move, Morsi will likely just crush them too and impose Shariah law. So much for the democracy Obozo claimed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood would bring on.

Back on the battlefield, the “cease fire” purportedly brokered by the brilliant Ms. Clinton, stopped the Israelis from totally annihilating Hamas. After the Israelis backed off, Hamas continued to fire rockets at civilians, and a suicide bomber murdered over 20 innocents on an Israeli bus. The latest report is that Iran is using the lull in the fighting to re-arm Hamas, including sending them Fajr-5 missiles, by way of Sudan. Way to go, Smartest Woman in America!

Hilary is another dupe of the Muslim Brotherhood. Her Deputy Chief of Staff is one Huma Abedin, whose whole family is intimately connected with the Brotherhood. Like Obama, Ms. Clinton is an acolyte of communist radical Saul Alinsky, and as such, no doubt sees support of those who would destroy free, capitalist America as people worthy of her support.

With Obama, it appears to go further. If the man is not a practicing Muslim, he certainly is acting like one. He is constantly making snarky jibes at Christianity and goes out of his way to show his support for Islam. Known Islamists are regular visitors to the White House, and have been appointed by him to powerful government positions. However, his narcissism and monumental ego have blinded him to the reality of his monumental incompetence when it comes to understanding how the world actually works. His inept meddling in the Middle East has brought about a situation that many are predicting will result in World War III.

Meanwhile, in a move that infuriated and frustrated a large majority of Israelis, the IDF – The Army of Defense for Israel – has pulled out of Gaza, apparently at the demand of the Obama administration. Big mistake. They should have crushed Hamas and their supporters while they had the opportunity. They will live to regret it, as Egypt and Iran will re-arm them, and the murder of civilians will start all over again.

The so-called “Palestinians” are the biggest dupes of all in this genocide. All the Islamic dictatorships that claim to be acting as their allies could have given up territory for them to have their own state, any time they chose. Egypt, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and many others are quite large enough to set aside a nice chunk of territory and not even notice it was gone. However, they have never even considered the idea. Instead, they keep the “Palestinians” dangling, letting them do the Islamist dictatorship's murderous dirty work for them, in hopes of setting off the long-hoped for war that will let them massacre all the Jews, everywhere, in the name of Allah. And then they will turn to the Christians, especially the left-wingers who promote the sex/drugs/rock-and-roll/if-it-feels-good-do-it lifestyle. It's almost as if God is adding a modern chapter to the Old Testament. How it will end is up to us.


Capt. Call in New Mexico said:

"Meanwhile, in a move that infuriated and frustrated a large majority of Israelis, the IDF -- The Army of Defense for Israel -- has pulled out of Gaza, apparently at the demand of the Obama administration. Big mistake. They should have crushed Hamas and their supporters while they had the opportunity."

Yes, indeed, Israel should have wiped them out. Then, Israel should have again seized Gaza, annexing it permanently.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 12:24 AM

George Rogers Clark in Ohio said:

Amen, Michael, Emcee and Mark, too.

Michael this is a very good, hard hitting piece. It really got me going. Your well expressed, righteous anger makes the message roar. My thoughts lately about the Muslims are not very patient. Perhaps their hoped for 2nd Imam, when he comes, will prove to be the actual anti-Christ? Why not? The descendants of Ishmael and Israel have been at each others throats since the time of Abraham. The Ishmael bunch have hated Israel since they were a tribe. I do not think they will get over it. They hate us as much as they hate Israel, perhaps we are still a Christian nation? And I agree, having an American president and crew backing the other team is sure reason for us to be upset.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 2:30 PM

JHenry in NYSS, USSA said:

I'm no expert, but the one they are waiting for is the 12th Imam, the Mahdi. I believe that Iran's "Imanutjob" (Ahmadinejad) has the idea he can precipitate the return of the Mahdi by nuking Israel. I think he believes that the Mahdi will then purge all non-muslims from the planet. Armageddon for sure.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 2:59 PM

GregInOregon in Salem said:

While they are at it, the Israelites can take back the West Bank, where they can turn it from "Palestinian" squalor to another extension of a fruitful and prospering paradise. Those who wish to remain hostile to Israel can be moved to Jordan. And why do you suppose the Jordanians won't take them in?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012 at 8:01 PM