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King Obama's NLRB Betrayal of the U.S. Constitution

By Deleted · Feb. 4, 2013

Obama's “recess” appointments to the National Labor Relations Board, like his purported American citizenship, were not legitimized by actual American Law. He made them unconstitutionally while the Senate was in session and not made (as required by the Constitution) between its two sessions when Senators would journey home. The weight of the entire legal structure of the United States federal government was put behind an asinine, transparently false, stupid, perverted and disingenuous explanation that it took to court to defend Obama's lawless acts.

His many corrupt legal minds, -from the best law colleges, prostituted what little integrity they may have still had by arguing (lying) that the Constitution's requirement that recess appointments are allowed only when vacancies “happen” while the Senate is in recess, actually means that all vacancies that “happen to exist” when a recess occurs, (i.e., vacancies that have pre-existed for an indefinite period of time), allow the President to appoint whoever the hell he wants without the required consent of Congress just because the Senate is on a temporary, brief intra-session recess or break.

The appellate judges found that argument to be absurd, -that the words mean what they mean as understood by common language and cannot be reinterpreted, distorted, twisted, perverted and modeled to fit the Presidents unconstitutional wishes.

A vacancy that already exists can not be said to have “happened” during the intra-session recess and yet the entire legal power structure of Obama's corrupt administration argued that the obvious is untrue, -that the naked emperor is actually wearing cloths, -that a dog's tail is actually a fifth leg if someone claims it to be so. Although that is not treason to the nation it is certainly treason to Reason!
It's the same with the bastardized illegitimate arguments proffered to justify his unconstitutional usurpation of the presidency. They have no basis in law nor logic and are refuted by both, along with history, yet his flying monkeys continue to point to the golden calf of error, distortion, misunderstanding, ignorance, and lock-step judicial concession to ancient institutionalized error.

When everyone holds the same opinion, but that opinion happens to be mistaken, their opinion will nevertheless seem to be correct, because how can everyone be wrong? Well, history is replete with examples of everyone being wrong, and by everyone I especially mean “experts” and “authorities”. In whatever field of knowledge that one might examine, at least one example can be found, usually more than one.

Truth is like a slight gentle breeze blowing toward an approaching maelstrom, -it's like Frodo going against Mordor and Sauran. It doesn't stand much of a chance because so many people are bewitched by the Ring of Obama's Power, and want to protect and experience it, along with benefit from it. Frodo can't win against such an army unless the extraordinary happens, as it did in that appeals court decision.

Obama, the cocky anti-constitutionalist, will ignore their ruling completely and simply continue on with his unlawful usurpation until the Supreme Court slaps him down by refusing to accept his appeal. Then the over 250 unconstitutional edits mandated by his unconstitutional board will be seen as the stinking garbage that they are, like a face transplant that fails, or the findings of those official, reputable, forensic examiners who turned out to have fraudulently stated conclusions regarding the guilt of accused persons who subsequently were convicted and imprisoned. It won't be pretty.
Then he will be seen to have his whole face covered in egg, but he won't be seen in the main stream media as such because they will do what he does with the Constitution, -simply ignore it since they are his loving, boot-licking, enabling, spineless sycophants who would never say a word against their lord and savior. “All hail King Obama! Bow down to his alter and offer the sacrifice of all your integrity and objectivity! Lord Obama loves the sweet scent of your offerings and may smile upon you as a reward.”

The infallibility of King Obama is similar to the infallibility of the best anti-hacking software measures. The best and brightest experts that manage the nation's business and government websites seem to be our infallible resource against cyber-war penetrations and cyber-theft, -yet all of our nation's most important departments and businesses have been hacked, and no one will say that all of our secrets have not been stolen unless they know personally that some have never been connected to any internet website.

The unquestionable infallibility of Obama's unconstitutional reign is equivalent to that of all of those experts who have failed to keep the enemy out. Authority and position, reputation and accomplishment do not make anyone infallible, nor beyond illegitimacy. Both Obama's (mis)interpretation of the Constitution, as well as his presidential legitimacy are highly flawed, and he, like the Pope, will one day be seen as being in error, (and his presidency itself as being worse than an error).

 The Earth does revolve around the sun, and the Constitution does not mean whatever you want it to mean even if you're the one wearing the Ring of Power and speaking with the voice of a great Wizard, the voice of authority. A certain leader of the National Socialist Party in Germany spoke with great authority, but that didn't make him right about anything. And a certain great Wizard in the land of Oz spoke with impressive force, but that did not make him legitimate. He was a fraud, just like our naked Emperor.

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Capt. Call in New Mexico said:

Yes, I agree, Obama does wear a ring of power -- and it is also a ring of betrayal to this country. I understand that on this ring is inscribed, "There is no god but allah..." In Obama's anti-Christian mind, that statement may be true for him; but really it is just another of his lies.

Monday, February 4, 2013 at 4:48 PM

Wayne in Hinesville, GA said:

I wouldn't put a lot of faith in the Supreme Court upholding the Appeals Court's ruling. It will depend on which way Justice Kennedy goes and if Chief Justice Roberts remembers he is supposed to be Conservative.

Monday, February 4, 2013 at 9:59 PM

ripvanwinkle in Oklahoma replied:

Roberts actually made the correct decision in the Obamacare case - he exercised judicial restraint and told the American people - "you want to get rid of this crap - put different people in office". Obamacare is a tax - and a big one - no matter what anyone calls it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013 at 10:48 AM

Adrien Nash in Crescent City replied:

You are delusional and ignorant of common language rules. Dissimilar words with different meaning never have the same meaning in a million years. A penalty = a tax in no known universe you dingbat. Do you suffer from your Social Security penalty being withdrawn each month from your paycheck, or do you on April 1 make sure you've paid your income penalty? When you're pulled over by the police, do they issue a speeding tax? Or have your ever been dinged by a no-parking zone tax? Is your thinking warped or are you a die-hard Obama defender, in which case it would be both?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at 8:46 PM

Tod in Delaware said:

America has been betrayed by ivy league schools such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and Columbia. Schools which have supported and encouraged their educators to teach students to depart from logical and good interpretations of the law, laws which have been forged and agreed to long ago at the hands of our founding fathers and replace them with new interpretations that are likened to a drunken sailor stumbling into dark alley of debauchery, lust, and every form of evil imaginable, evil which even boasts to erase the very laws of nature itself in their evil quest to corrupt society with their vile liquor of self indulgence.

Monday, February 4, 2013 at 11:26 PM

fred in oregon said:

and "we the people" continue to put-up with this piece of ---t that obama and his cohorts are. when will we stop this king and take back our country? i confess i do not know how, other than post my comments, try to reason with people that do not understand, and watch and prepare for the worst.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013 at 9:34 AM

Tod the tool guy in brooklyn ny said:

8 1/2 million private sector jobs, gone, since 2008! Tax/spend/borrow is the neo-marx motto. the Federalist Papers, help explain the US Constitution, also written by Madison.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at 5:36 PM

IRayNay in Nv said:

What then; in your opinion rises to the occasion of treason, if not the usurpation of the constitution. Impeachment was brought before the greedy, spineless & self-serving house & senate. With his going to war in Lybia. One judge recently said he if he tries to create gun control with executive order. He created 23 orders. He submitted an obviously ufraudulent document for proof of birth!a

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at 11:04 PM

smrstrauss in columbus OH said:

You make it look like Obama was the first and only US president to make recess appointments just the way that Obama did. He is not. Bush made them just the same way, as did Ronald Reagan. They could all be wrong, but there is nothing evil about what they did. That's what they all thought was the law. And, it still might be. This is not a ruling of the US Supreme Court, and when IT says that something is Constitutional or Unconstitutional, that is the law.

BTW, it said that every child born in the USA is a Natural Born US citizen back in the Wong Kim Ark case. You may not like that ruling, but it is the law.

Thursday, February 7, 2013 at 1:50 PM

smrstrauss in columbus OH said:

Thursday, February 7, 2013 at 4:34 PM

smrstrauss in columbus OH said:

"According to reports from the Congressional Research Service, during their time in office President Ronald Reagan made 240 recess appointments, President George H. W. Bush made 77 recess appointments, President Bill Clinton made 140 recess appointments, and George W. Bush made 171. Obama's first term has seen a paltry 28. In this context, Obama's move seems less like a power grab and more like the proverbial 98-pound weakling taking a second to wipe the sand out of his eyes. "--

Thursday, February 7, 2013 at 4:37 PM