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Confessions of an Ex-Democrat

By Burt Prelutsky · Oct. 27, 2011

When you’re a conservative, it’s just about impossible, unless you’re the sort of person who wins million dollar lotteries, to not have some friends and relatives who are liberal. The secret, I’ve found, to maintaining even slightly cordial relationships with them is to never share your honest opinions about anything important, sliding through social occasions discussing the weather, sports and, well, more weather.

The truth is I have removed a fair number of people from my social circle over the past few years simply because they support Barack Obama’s policies and respond favorably to his race and class warfare rhetoric. That may strike some people as petty and intolerant, but what would it say about me if I associate with people whose beliefs, values and behavior, I abhor? Why on earth would I want to spend time with those whom I am convinced are doing their utmost to destroy the nation I love?

I understand that most people who vote for people like Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Waxman and Reid, are benign. They may be great neighbors and wonderful, caring parents, but they are also enablers. When people help addicts feed their habits, they’re not acting out of love, but out of fear that if they behave responsibly they will no longer be loved by the addict. But of course the addict doesn’t love anyone or anything but his drug of choice.

Liberals are by nature bullies, which is why in Hollywood, they openly boast about blacklisting conservatives and why, in Washington and the mass media, they bludgeon Republicans who stand by their principles, referring to them as fascists, racists, obstructionists and hostage-taking terrorists.

Ironically, I have found it easier to draw a line between myself and the liberals I know personally than between myself and the repugnant creatures in the entertainment world. I would love to be able to boycott the movies and TV shows that feature the likes of Matt Damon, Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte, Julia Roberts, Alec Baldwin, Janeane Garofalo, Whoopi Goldberg, George Clooney, Ed Asner, Larry David and Morgan Freeman, but the truth is I lack the requisite amount of character to go cold turkey even when these left-wing turkeys are involved.

Furthermore, in the interests of full disclosure, I should confess that for a long time I was a Democrat. But, in my own defense, I was never a liberal. For those of a tender age, I should hasten to mention that there was a time when it was possible to be one without being the other. So, for instance, I could be a registered Democrat while simultaneously opposing unilateral disarmament. I could be a Democrat and still believe that Whitaker Chambers was telling the truth and that Alger Hiss and Julius Rosenberg were lying when they denied being Soviet spies. I could oppose Jim Crow laws while at the same time regarding racial quotas as reverse racism. I could be angry about Watergate and still oppose the slandering and libeling of Clarence Thomas. I could even be a Democrat and still despise the universally beloved Walter Cronkite, whose pose as an objective newsman was as phony as Obama’s attempt to foist himself off as bi-partisan, for doing his best to make certain we didn’t win the Vietnam War.

These days, I’m not at all confident that a Democrat could make those distinctions. Not when Rep. Maxine Waters has the audacity to label Rep. Allen West, a retired military officer, an “oreo,” and not be denounced by the media, the NAACP or the Black Congressional Caucus.

Even when I was a Democrat, I knew that nobody was entitled to sneak into this country. And if he was found out, he certainly wasn’t entitled to receive schooling, health care and financial aid. I also was bright enough to know that when a nation’s border consists of sand, deportation isn’t going to be much of a deterrent. Even I, at my present advanced age, can easily scale a non-existent wall.

I can understand why Rick Perry, running for governor in a state that has a huge Mexican population, would feel he had to speak out against a barrier on our southern border and had to promote in-state tuition for the offspring of illegal aliens. That doesn’t mean I approve, but politics isn’t a game for purists unless they have their hearts set on losing elections. However, when he appeared at the GOP debate and said that if we opposed his tuition policy we were heartless, and added that because the illegals had Hispanic names, it also meant we were racists, he stepped way too far over the line.

While it’s true that the children of illegal aliens had no say in the matter when it came to sneaking across our border, we all know that no one is ever entitled to profit from the commission of a crime. Just because the child of a bank robber, for instance, didn’t drive the getaway car doesn’t mean that he’s entitled to live off the ill-gotten loot.

So, although I had been delighted when Governor Perry tossed his 10-gallon hat into the ring, I’m no longer cutting him any slack. He didn’t simply misspeak; he went and stuck both of his expensive cowboy boots in his mouth. It had nothing to do with his lack of debating skills. It had everything to do with arrogance and stupidity. We’ve just endured three years of that combination, and we don’t need four more years of the same.

Perry simply had no business saying what he did. After all, if conservatives want to be gratuitously insulted by ignoramuses, they merely have to turn on MSNBC.

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JAC in Texas said:

Burt: Great column, as usual. However, the problem with discussing the weather is that it leads to "global warming" or "climate change." You can't win when the "science is settled."

Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 8:41 AM

Howard Last in Wyoming said:

Burt - You listed a dozen reasons why I don't go to movies. Even though some of them, I heard the name, but don't have the slightest idea what they look like. And when you consider the TV propaganda (oops news) and the idiotic or inane programs no need to have a TV. I guess I can always read Shakespeare and a few other good books. BTW, are we still allowed to read Shakespeare? Also the last movie I saw was Patton. I went to see it because he was my father's boss when he had his all expense paid tour of Europe.

Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 11:22 AM

akaangrywhiteman said:

The hell of it is, they are generally pretty likeable people, it's just that their ideas suck so bad it's almost impossible talk to them intelligently.

Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 11:29 AM

John Q Citizen said:

You have struck the cord Burt, the vast majority of my family are liberals. It's rare that we do talk and when it happens it's small talk "hi, how are you and the children"? "what's new", "how is everyone....." trying to talk about anything of substance quickly turns ugly to say the least. I have found it very easy to stop viewing movies, shows or any product ads where liberals appear there is no sense in me putting money in their pockets or the pockets of those products they advertise.

Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 12:12 PM

Tex Horn said:

Burt, it's pretty obvious that you living on the Left Coast and having been a democrat colors your opinions. You even admitted as much in one commentary in a, well, roundabout way. That explains to me your continued defense of RINOS and moderates. That said, I enjoy your commentaries ands the responses to them. You see, I have some liberal and moderate friends also.Perry. As a Texan, it pains me to agree with you. I have been a supporter of Perry as Texas governor. He's been consistently conservative here: no state income tax (as many Democrats have desired), strong backer of Second Amendment rights, and very pro-business. But, as a presidential candidate, I find him lacking. And, okay, arrogant to some degree, stupid to some degree. Oh, yes, he's a horrible debater. To the point of your commentary, I don't care for any of the candidates that much, because they are too liberal, or to use the tired expression you don't care for, they're RINOS. Except Ron Paul, who unfortunately, won't be able to cut one trillion in one year, won't be able to remove 4-5 totally unnecessary government departments because according to moderates like you, Burt, he can't be elected.

Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 12:42 PM

alex torello said:

Hey Burtrum: You really telling the truth that in your youth you weren't at least a little liberal? After all, liberal back then sounded soo appealing and noble to us young post-war kiddies.'Twas Goldwater that awoke my nascent core feelings and Reagan who consolidated my thinking.

Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 12:49 PM

p3orion in Midland, Georgia said:

Tex, I've supported Perry as my governor too, but mostly because he has been, in his elections, far the lesser of two evils (or three, on those occasions when Kinky tosses his hat in the ring.)I can't agree though that he's been "consistently conservative here." The Texas DREAM Act, the trans-Texas corridor, the aborted kerfuffle over his Gardisil mandate... none of these strike me as particularly conservative.Nor would I agree with those who underestimate the importance his admittedly abysmal debate performances. Ronald Reagan is thought of as the prototypical conservative, but were he in office today, he would be considered a middle-right politician. That was good enough, and it's probably about all the country was ready for at that period. Where Reagan shined though was in his unmatched ability to communicate the conservative vision to ordinary Americans who had for too long not heard such unassuming and undeniably sincere patriotism, and to make them take up the same dream of a revitalized America.A man can have great vision, but unless he can lead others in those same paths, his vision will not come to fruition. That sort of leadership requires communication skills, and a character that refutes any charge of hypocrisy of insincerity. I just don't know if Rick Perry measures up on either point.

Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 1:26 PM

American Patriot said:

I was never a Democrat because true conservatives who are knowledgeable about the history and true ideology of Democrat party CANNOT be Democrats. At least not since the turn of last century (1900 that is)

Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 1:33 PM

Richard Ryan said:

Not going to movies is not a problem for me as,for the most part I hate movies.There are a few exceptions such as Quigley Down Under, but they are few and far between. I haven`t watched the Lame Stream Media since Reagan was president, and I never watch the so-called sitcoms with their laugh tracks. If it needs a laugh track to tell you it`s funny, it isn`t.Richard RyanLamar,Missouri - Birthplace of Harry S Truman:Temporarily transplanted to California

Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 1:39 PM

rodendo said:

I have a real problem with the Hollywood loons you mention in that I appreciate their work (excluding Whoopi & Janene) but despise their politcal agendas. I am always amazed that they are so willing to open their yaps and offend one half of their potential viewing audience.

Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 2:01 PM

Burt Prelutsky in North Hills, CA said:

Rodendo: It also surprises me that loony left entertainers are so open about their contempt for Republicans. But I am no less surprised that newspapers and magazines behave in similar fashion even as they see their subscription numbers plummet.Richard: Finally, someone else who loved "Quigley Down Under." A great movie.American Patriot: Cut me some slack. I was born in the home of Russian-Jewish immigrants. The surprise isn't that I was ever a Democrat, but that I didn't remain one.Tex: The reason that I have good things to say about RINOs and moderates is because I am a realist. America is a slightly right-of-center nation, which is a fact that Reagan understood because, one, he was a slightly right-of-center Republican and, two, he knew that a hardline conservative would be doomed to suffer the same fate as Goldwater, who only garnered 38% of the popular vote and 52 electoral votes in 1964. akaangry: I beg to differ. Liberals are not all that likeable, unless you have a soft spot for folks who are arrogant, ignorant, self-righteous humorless. Alex: Why would you doubt me? A conservative who is willing to admit he was once a Democrat is a man who has no reason to lie about anything.JAC: An excellent point.Howard: I have never understood why people boast about never going to the movies or ever watching TV. As with most things, the wiser path is to use moderation. There are some terrific movies every year and a good deal on the tube well worth watching. The old saying about cutting off one's nose to spite one's face leaps to mind.Regards, Burt

Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 2:45 PM

BJ in St. Cloud, MN said:

rodendo, they can offend their viewing audience for the same reason this country is in trouble. Ignorance, complacency, greed, self centeredness, laziness, ignorance because people are not informed and don't care to spend time or money being informed partly because they feel like their contribution won't change anything anyway-complacent because they feel like their contribution won't change anything anyway-greed because they want things the way they already are which is their way and they feel like their contribution won't change anything anyway-self centered because they're different so they should be able to watch shows with the scum commies in them and they feel like their contribution won't change anything anyway- lazy because it takes commitment and effort to secure freedom and they're along for the free part and, you guessed it, they feel like their contribution won't change anything anyway.TERM LIMITS-IMPEACH-PROSECUTE

Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 2:51 PM

Jim S. said:

Burt, thanks for the column. My wife and I have many liberal acquaintenances and I have refused to go places when I know they will be there. She thinks I am an absolute wing-nut because I can't stand to be around them. When I do go, the talk always turns to politics or religion and I end up getting wound up and "making a scene", as my wife puts it. And, again, she thinks I am a wing-nut for acting like that. And the reason I "act that way" is because I, too, think they are helping to destroy this country.Anyway, I am going to print your column and give it to her so she can see that I am not the only one who can't be around libns socially. Whether or net she reads it...

Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 3:37 PM

GregInOregon said:

Thanks Burt for your candor. I was a John Kennedy Democrat for a number of years, till I got dope-slapped by Carter's admin. Then I dutifully became a Republican, until disillusioned by the Bushes. JFK might be regarded today as a conservative. And I don't mind saying that there is a number of "conservatives" whose sense of rectitude prevents them from considering any other point of view with any objectivity. It gets me when libs and progressives conveniently omit glaring facts when making arguments -- usually when they themselves are deprived of any access to facts. And yet, oftentimes liberals' own sense of rigid rectitude prevents them from exercising any objectivity. The pathology of liberalism infects them too deeply. It also gets me when purist "conservatives" cannot accept practical reality as you, Burt, have expressed. I do not question your motives or call you a RINO. Among the Founders there was quite a diversity of opinion and viewpoint, yet there was unanimity of purpose in founding a nation. Notice the differences between, say, Jefferson and Hamilton. We still read the Federalist Papers and find much to agree with Hamilton's writing, don't we?I did like Perry's entry into the race, but now I too am disappointed. But nowhere near as horrified and dismayed as I am with King Obama's regime. Now if the R candidates can quit carping at each other, and fearlessly go after Chairman Obamao and his Czars, maybe we could at least get this stuck-in-ice ship of state moving forward again.

Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 3:49 PM

Fed Up said:

A nice article, as always, on Liberal dysfunctional thought and actions.I have found the hard way not to trust a Liberal even in the slightest. From my experience, they are loud mouths, narcissistic, retributive, always believe they are right, won't accept facts when proven wrong, and are just ornery, dysfunctional, unhealthy people in general. The last time I sent an email to the editor of my local newspaper, specifically identified and intended for his eyes only, he decided to print it in a newspaper as the opinion of my agency. I was expressing my dislike for his partisan habits for select Democratic candidates and let him know that. I told him I, and the majority of the people at my agency, were discontinuing our subscription to their newspaper. As well, I told him we would no longer use their advertising services if they weren’t fairer and gave equal coverage in their reporting. This is why I say they are retributive. There was a malicious attempt to harm my business, and there can be no other reason for their actions. And when I confronted the editor by phone, he made up all kinds of excuses and reasons for printing the email. He offered to rescind the article, but in my opinion the damage was already done, so I thought to best leave it alone. Nevertheless, that experience, as well as others over the years, makes me really loathe Liberals in their thoughts, actions and ways.I believe they are a disgraceful bunch, cowards by nature and nurture, and only resort to name calling, defamation, and attempts at injury when they feel threatened or don't get their way.I have some friends who are democrats, but I like to call them affectionately Blue Dogs. They have their views which I will debate with them, but they do not try to injure others for a disagreement. Additionally, there are some conservative bones in most of them. Liberals are a plague on the human race and a threat to our country and constitution; and no one will convince me otherwise.

Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 3:55 PM