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Answer the Questions

By Oliver North · Nov. 9, 2012

TAMPA, Fla. – This is the hometown of U.S. Special Operations Command – at nearby MacDill Air Force Base. This headquarters dispatches our military's special operators – Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines – on missions in the most difficult and dangerous places on earth. It's also the place where “action officers” are burning the midnight oil – but not necessarily planning new targets for our Navy SEALs. Apparently, a “good number” of SOCOM's staff members are busy preparing responses to the batches of inquiries about what really happened in Benghazi, Libya – before, during and after the terror attack on the night of Sept. 11-12 that resulted in four dead Americans. Answers have been slow in coming.

Three days after the assault, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that the FBI would investigate the attack as a criminal matter, not as an act of war. For reasons left to our imagination, the FBI didn't move fast enough, so the Obama administration appointed a special review board to develop a “full picture” of all that transpired at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi.

This accountability review board is being co-chaired by former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Thomas Pickering and retired Adm. Mike Mullen, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Investigating the murder of a U.S. diplomat is an assignment for which Pickering is uniquely suited. When he was President Ronald Reagan's ambassador to El Salvador in the 1980s, Pickering was targeted for assassination. As a consequence of the threat, enhanced security measures were put in place to protect him. Apparently, no such steps were taken to safeguard Ambassador Christopher Stevens and his fellow diplomats in Libya. In the absence of answers, one can only wonder why.

The Pickering-Mullen panel supposedly will aggregate information received from SOCOM, European Command, Africa Command, the office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon, the CIA, other intelligence organizations and the State Department. If the White House is to be believed, the review board will produce a “rigorous” report when its “investigation is complete” and “hold accountable” anyone who “didn't do their job.”

At the glacial rate things are moving, we may not know what really happened that terrible night in Benghazi until well after President Barack Obama's second inauguration. Maybe that's the idea. But if members of the O-Team believe that the questions are going to go away just because he won re-election, they're wrong.

On election eve, the president claimed, “Four years after I took office, America's respect and resolve around the world is unquestioned.” Yet just hours later, Osama bin Laden's successor, Ayman al-Zawahri, in a propaganda broadcast to radical Islamists in Somalia, said, “(The United States is) defeated in Iraq, and they are withdrawing from Afghanistan, and their ambassador in Benghazi was killed, and the flags of their embassies were lowered in Cairo and Sanaa.” Now Fox News journalists Jennifer Griffin and Catherine Herridge and a handful of others have uncovered facts that point to a possible cover-up.

Thanks to their intrepid digging for the truth, we now know that a classified cable from Aug. 16 detailed vulnerabilities at the Benghazi facility that were identified by the State Department's regional security officer – the official responsible for protecting diplomatic posts in North Africa. We also know that six weeks before the attack, Stevens requested additional host-nation security protection from Libya's Foreign Ministry. And we know for certain that on the night of the attack, U.S. diplomats and CIA personnel in Benghazi begged for help that never came.

What we don't know is what – if anything – officials in Washington did about any of these and a host of other problems leading up to and during this debacle. Why, for example, was our ambassador in Benghazi – without a security detail – on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks?

During a series of military assaults over more than seven hours against the consulate compound and a CIA facility about a mile away, at least two unarmed unmanned aerial vehicles and other sensors broadcast live imagery of the attacks to command centers in Washington. According to unnamed administration officials, there were no U.S. military forces or assets available to respond to pleas for help from the Americans fighting for their lives. But there are other reports of U.S. aircraft – and armed UAVs – that could have been dispatched to the scene. What's the truth?

The so-called mainstream media all but ignored the disaster in Benghazi in the weeks leading up to the Nov. 6 election. Our enemies now gloat that America's “awe is lost” and that our “might is gone.” Members of both parties in Congress are finally demanding answers. They are right to do so.

The urgency to find out what happened in Benghazi is neither prurient nor political. An officer assigned here at SOCOM told me this week, “Everything that could go wrong in Benghazi did.” That may be just one officer's opinion, but if it's even half-right, the facts need to be known now so steps can be taken to reduce the likelihood of its ever happening again.



JLS06 in Houston, TX said:

Thank goodness this Benghazi debacle is not going away. Just because the traitor/murderer was re-elected President of his adopted country, does not mean that the untimate responsibility for the deaths of four Americans who should have had his full protection, should go away. Indeed, re-elected, anointed, crowned, or whatever, he is (along with Sec. of State) still responsible and accountable for those deaths and both should stand trial for these crimes. However, the downside of that action is, if found guilty and de-throned, then we would have smiling Joe Biden as our leader. Lord, what have we done to deserve this state of affairs??

Friday, November 9, 2012 at 10:42 AM

Albert in Pensacola said:

You, Oliver, of all people writing a column titled "Answer the Questions"!! What a laugh! You know obfuscation first hand with your dishonest testimony during the Iran-Contra hearings.
I will give you credit for being a good little patsy to Reagan after he sold weapons to Iran, and served as his fall guy. Oliver, I bet you wish now that Ronald Reagan never married Nancy (who blamed you for the scandal), nor ever gave birth to Ronald Reagan Jr (who separates the true President Reagan from the mythical deity President Reagan the tea partiers love).
I know you have to make a living (without really working) so keep talking tough and these right wing nuts will think you are tough and keep you employed.

Friday, November 9, 2012 at 11:22 AM

sfj in Alabama replied:

Since you are into "left wing nut" BS, how about the annointed one (that would be obama) providing his college transcripts, explain the weird SSAN, and rectify the phony "birth certificate" (every bit as relevant as whether Reagan was married to Nancy).

Friday, November 9, 2012 at 11:46 AM

Albert in Pensacola replied:

You got me! Obama is a Muslim, foreigner, and a college dropout. Also Bill Clinton murdered people and took away all your guns, and the moon landing was faked, and Sean Hannity is a patriot but Colin Powell is a traitor, and the Seahawks won the last Superbowl, and the sun revolves around the earth which is flat and only 6000 years old, and Jesus Christ was white as were Adam and Eve, and climate change is a myth perpetuated by atheist marxist muslim communists.
Tell you nutbags prefer Reynolds Wrap, or will any supermarket foil work when you make your hats?

Friday, November 9, 2012 at 12:00 PM

Kirby Myers in Vancouver, WA replied:

Albert, you can string a line of conspiracy c%#p as well as anyone I've ever heard! You obviously get your "news coverage" from Bill Maher. I guess you and your ilk don't have any questions regarding Benghazi, do you? Just business as usual - "the people" don't have a need to know anyhow... they're just gun-totin, Bible thumpin, religious rubes anyway, right? You and your enlightened circle are simply untouched by the little people!!! Bet you think the world of "You've got to pass the bill to find out what's in it," Pelosi too, don't you? I'm so in awe of y'all! Marie Antoinette had nothing on you!

Friday, November 9, 2012 at 2:08 PM

Wayne in Hinesville, GA replied:

We don't need any more tin foil that idiots like you who voted for another four years of high unemployment, job destroying EPA regulations, refusal to drill for known energy sources, using an Executive order to hide the fact that Fast and Furious was the cause of the death of at least one American and who knows how many Mexicans. Lying about what caused the debacle in Benghazi, using another Executive order to gain Hispanic votes and ignoring the illegal alien problem. I could go on and on but it would be a waste of time because you and your fellow liberals really could care less what happens the country as long as the "freebies" keep on coming. I'm sure you will come back and say that you work for a living but doesn't care that your tax dollars go to support lazy asses who have never worked and have no intention of every working. Worthless parasites who are nothing more than a drag on those who do work.

Friday, November 9, 2012 at 2:20 PM

Orf in Pennsylvania replied:

Albert, are you sure you didn't come from Pepsi-Cola? Pensacola is a town in Florida. A bubble-head libtard like you would hatch from a bubbly drink that some creep spat into.

Friday, November 9, 2012 at 5:51 PM

Robinius in Broomfield, Colorado replied:

Maybe someone can explain why Obama wears a ring inscribed in Arabic "There is no God except Allah."

Saturday, November 10, 2012 at 12:13 AM

countrygirl in Texas replied:

Well Albert, we get that you think Oliver is unfit to ask the questions. But are the questions unfit to be asked?

Friday, November 9, 2012 at 2:44 PM

India in GA replied:

Now, now, Countrygirl, you are getting in the way of Albert's red herring.

Sunday, November 11, 2012 at 10:39 PM

Kirby Myers in Vancouver, WA said:

Colonel North's response to the atrocious events and follow-up (cover-up?) of Benghazi are the most patient, measured and politic I can recently recall! I can only surmise, beneath the becalmed surface stirs a seething rage against whomever is finally deemed culpable. Otherwise the noble, "no man left behind" is mere recruiting poster hype, or the hyperbole of a raging tac officer during training!

Where is America's outrage???

Friday, November 9, 2012 at 1:49 PM

Wayne in Hinesville, GA replied:

Kirby, No outrage when you don't have a clue what happened and where. Too busy watching American Idol and Honey Boo Boo, etc. to know what is going on in the world much less the country. I'd be willing to bet you could go out in the street of most cities and ask about Benghazi and this would be the responses you would get: 1. Blank stare. 2. I am not sure what happened. 3. Didn't that happen when President Clinton was in office. 4. It was all Bush's fault. Really informed electorate we have in this once great nation.

Friday, November 9, 2012 at 2:27 PM

countrygirl in Texas replied:

There's real outrage in this home, from several who have served their country and those who prayed for them while they were in harm's way - but where to direct the outrage? We're not watching American Idol or anybody's boo boo, but you're not hearing our thoughts about it because the media ignores citizens like us. But rest assured, we are out here, and we aren't forgetting any of this!

Friday, November 9, 2012 at 2:50 PM

Wayne in Hinesville, GA replied:

Country Girl, I didn't mean good patriots like you when I mentioned the uninformed electorate.

Friday, November 9, 2012 at 3:09 PM

countrygirl in Texas replied:

I knew you didn't - just letting off steam about the way the media pretends we don't exist.
Just read a great quote: When Obama called the SEALs, they got bin Laden, but when the SEALs called Obama, they got denied, and then they died! (From comments after an article:

Friday, November 9, 2012 at 4:44 PM

Tod the tool guy in brooklyn ny said:

Liberals, progressives, and neo-marx renegades think they have a VICTORY---Hollow logs can sometimes be seen through. Put joe biden on the witness stand---anything that he says---just take the opposite!

Friday, November 9, 2012 at 5:53 PM

Adrien Nash in Crescent Cityh said:

The whole situation of the Benghazi attack is rife with unasked and unanswered questions. Such as; how could an armed conflict last for such a length of time and yet there are no reported enemy casualties? If ambassador Stevens was dying from smoke inhalation why didn't he leave that room before going unconscious on the way to death? Why didn't he realize the dire danger he was in and grab several guns and lots of ammo and go out of that room to fight for his life? Did he not have any weapons training at all, and if not how could the State Dept dare to send him into such a dangerous situation? Who failed to prepare him adequately? Something was very flawed when everyone safely escapes the consulate except the top man.

And all of those people that escaped to the annex, were they capable of defending themselves or were they all untrained inexperienced civilians sent into harms way? The two former seals, weren't killed by small-arms combat but by a perfectly aimed mortar, so was there even a fire-fight at all or just jihadists running around with weapons but no target to shoot at? Apparently the Americans all remained safe inside the annex except for the information officer who died from a cause I can't recall. He may have been the only one that got shot out of a few dozen people. Also, since the Seals were able to put a laser on the mortar position, why didn't they put a 50 caliber bullet or two or three in its direction? Didn't they have a 50 caliber machine gun or sniper rifle on the roof for defense? If not, why not? Firepower is everything.
And all of those people who escaped, why has not even one of them spoken up about what happened? What kind of threats did they receive in order to silence them? Criminal prosecution, or implied physical threats? Why is not one single person in the entire chain of command willing to speak out, including General Petaeus? And when will Hillary explain who ordered the consulate's security force to not remain in Benghanzi as the threat level significantly increased during the summer, after suffering two attacks including a huge hole blown out of the wall?
No one but the POTUS could order U.S. forces to enter another country with the use of armed force as their intent. But the liar in chief claims he ordered that forces be sent to their aid and yet no forces were sent. That would only be because the liar never gave any such order.

Saturday, November 10, 2012 at 5:19 AM

richard lindstrom in venice,Fla. replied:

Your last paragraph said it all Mr. Nash.
Well said and, from this 92 yr old WW 2 veteran of over 10 years of service in the US Army; as an enlisted man and later, an Infantry officer, and Commanding officer of the Company "C " infantry company in Kalamazoo, Michigan, please permit me to send you CONGRATS FOR TELLING IT LIKE IT REALLY IS-OUR CURRENT POTUS IS ABSOLUTELY THE WORST WE HAVE EVER FOOLISHLY ELECTED IN MY ENTIRE LIFETIME.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 at 2:48 AM

Holmes Simons in Tampa said:

Colonel, it is time that you and others with platforms for influencing public opinion stop your erroneous perceptions and observe the truth that the real enemies of America are the political subversives who have usurped power of the federal government. The pretend-president and his radical associates have successfully hoodwinked you. Treason occurred in 2011 during the unilateral, unauthorized, unconstitutional Libyan War during which Obama provided money and ordnance to Al Qaeda "rebels" who were attempting to overthrow Qaddafi. These are the acts for which people must be held accountable.

Shake yourselves out of your ignorant delusions, and start pursuing the real enemy of the State.

Saturday, November 10, 2012 at 8:44 PM

Citizen Patriot in Hilton Head Island, SC said:

The questions raised and comments rendered by my fellow defenders of liberty and justice are echoes of my own outrage. Surely, a subversive agenda is raising its ugly head, and he "smiles like a jackal" as the saying goes. Why have we not begun to speak of secession?

Does no one dare to contemplate a strategy for tightening our presence, demonstrating a superior way of life that supports the ideals of our founding fathers, and presses forward with a will and resolve to prove what our Judeo-Christian ideologies have long held dear? I submit a radical way of dealing with despots....... secession. Be done with them, and require the rule of law as the founding fathers gave it to us, in humility and with a sober regard for God's guidance and Providence. "If God be for us, who can be against us?" I say time is of the essence, and we should soberly consider secession by the states. "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." And I believe it is a good start to an ongoing strategy. Any comments from the military strategists?

Sunday, November 11, 2012 at 9:56 PM

M Rick Timms MD in Georgia replied:

The discussion has already begun. It is clear that there are two Americas. It is also clear from the electoral map - which is an almost exact match with the map of union vs Right-to-work states, that there is an easy line of demarcation. Another map will show that there is an urban vs suburban split across the nation - coast to coast. The Cities are doomed. I can see no way to save those in the blue states, and those blue cities in Red states could survive only if the Constitution is honored and states are allowed to voluntarily withdraw from the "Union of States", which which has fallen into the hands of a Marxist. We have a good Constitution, we just need some men and women of honor to lead. Free America will be pleased to cooperate with Progressive Nation, just don't expect us to pay your bill.

Keep in mind that Obama thinks he is Lincoln, so he will likely not be willing to see the South and Midwest Red states exercise the right of secession. Hopefully his hand will be more restrained this term, and our union can survive the tough times that he has brought upon us, but I fear that he will show no moderation, and secession may be the best hope of long survival for those states with reason.

Monday, November 12, 2012 at 2:19 AM

Citizen Patriot in Hilton Head Island, SC replied:

To MR Timms in GA: I listen to talk radio a lot ---- if the discussion has already started, I am not hearing of it except in veiled language. I hear that "things are happening in Texas" (followed by long pauses). It is clear that the present Obama administration is spinning its wheels in the mud, and we will be taken down with it if we don't turn away from truly bad leadership. I do believe your choice of words is correct ---- survival is a motivating idea, isn't it?

Where does the grassroots movement start, or how do we lend our ideas and support to those who have started the effort and discussion? It would seem that a loud collective voice NOW would make the present adminstration take sober note of how serious the traditional American conservative citizens want fair and constructive (albeit small Federal) government, with strong States' Rights in play.

Why give the liberal progressives any more time to do more damage? And by the way, let's put a stop to "brushfire management" where so-called doomsday scenarios, a la "cliffs" and "sign it, then read it" tactics are employed. Nothing good will come of such leadership styles. It's irresponsible and reckless. I and others are tired of asking the questions and not getting the answers --- we already suspect what the answers are.
What is called for, is a plan of action with a voice of determination.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 12:20 AM

Citizen Patriot in Hilton Head Island, SC said:

Here's a relevant question to be answered: what is wrong with our spineless Congress, when they observe "high crimes and misdemeanors" from this Administration, and yet say nothing? I guarantee the topic of Secession would get some reaction!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 12:34 AM