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Mark Alexander · Jun. 9, 2000

The 2000 presidential primary season ended Tuesday after primaries in Alabama, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota. To the shock of many, the finalists are George Bush and Al Gore.

From the Bush campaign journal…

Gerald Ford addressed the National Press Club this week – indirectly addressing the Bush campaign. “I think we need…a team that reflects the broadest possible spectrum of the Republican philosophy, which means somebody who is pro-choice…. As Republicans, as conservatives, we regard life as very, very sacred. That’s why we believe the individual conscience and the right to choose is a major, major factor in how we should live and how our country should survive.”

Ford’s most recent diatribe of unsolicited advice to Republicans is a fine example of the doubletalk that conservatives have come to expect from Republicrats like Ford. His logic: “We regard life as very, very sacred,” so Mr. Bush should choose a V.P. who supports the killing of babies before birth because “the right to [abortion] is a major, major factor in how we should live and how our country should survive.”

Memo to Jerry: The Federalist is an advocate of individual freedom and responsibility, but how exactly does one rationally conclude that the direct denial of life to some children will promote “how we should live and how our country should survive”? Only a pro-abortion Republicrat, who was never elected by the people and who lost the presidency to Jimmy Carter – of all people – would still be given a microphone by an adoring media to babble such nonsense.

BushBits: “If you’re sick and tired of the politics of cynicism and polls and principles, come and join this campaign.” –George W. Bush **OOPS. Some of us still prefer the “politics of principles,” despite Jerry Ford’s ranting. {} The federal government can lend support to local and state conservation efforts. But problems arise when leaders reject partnership and rely solely on the power of Washington – on regulations, penalties and dictation from afar.“ –Mr. Bush opposing the Clinton/Gore plan to federalize millions of additional acres into "National Monuments.”

Observation Points: “The federal government already owns over one-third of the land area in the United States. The question we should be asking, particularly in light of the Los Alamos debacle, is, ‘Why don’t we take care of what we have, before we even consider expanding the amount of land under federal control’?” –Jane Chastain

From Bore2000 – The Vice Prevaricator…

Gore is off on a “prosperity tour” this week, one of those cross-country campaign infomercials made famous by Bill Clinton to sell Americans the lie that the Clinton/Gore regime is responsible for all that is good in America. Gore will be unveiling a slate of additional proposals to “invest” the tax “surplus” in central government programs, further enslaving the dependents of such programs.

This week’s “ball and chain”? Gore proposed a “family friendly” $38 billion ten-year plan to fund daycare for households with two working parents with incomes up to $60,000. Fewer than 26% of lower income families choose daycare over having children stay with relatives or friends. If the Clintonistas would lower the tax burden on families (as proposed in Republican plans like Dick Armey’s flat tax) more parents could afford to raise their children in their home. Of course Gore did include a “generous” $500 dollar tax credit from families with one parent caring for children in the home.

Speaking of “generosity”….you may recall, Al Gore moved his campaign headquarters to Carthage, Tennessee, in an effort to foster the illusion that he was raised a “farmboy” on his family’s 80-acre estate there, rather than a privileged rich kid in an expensive suite at what is now the Four Seasons luxury hotel in Washington. Perhaps had “Farmer” Gore spent a little more time on his estate, he would have noticed that one of his tenants his was living in squalor.

Mrs. Tracy Mayberry, after complaining for months about the deplorable conditions of her rental house on Gore’s estate, received an eviction notice informing her that she and her disabled husband, her mentally retarded daughter, another daughter with a seizure disorder and another daughter who suffers from a manic-depressive disorder known as “agoraphobia” (a fear of open spaces as distinguished from Algorephobia, a fear of dullard presidential candidates) would have to vacate the premises within 30 days.

Mrs. Mayberry, whose family lives on Mr. Mayberry’s $1,536 a month disability payments (of which they pay Gore $400 for rent) decided to call a local TV station and take her complaint public. She called Gore a “slumlord.” Gore phoned Mayberry right away and their conversation, she said “If you want to run for president, you ought to behave like a landlord should. He said he’s not what you’d call a hands-on landlord. I said I understand he’s got a lot of obligations being vice president and campaigning. But I said I’ve got a lot of obligations to my family.”

Gore has promised a “complete renovation.” Ain’t that just like a big-hearted “Caught-in-the-Act” Clintonista! This is the same “generous” guy, you may recall, who in 1998, with an adjusted gross income of $197,729.00, gave just $353.00 to charity.

Memo to Al: Though you moved your campaign to Tennessee, the posh K Street location in downtown Washington, D.C., you vacated still has a third floor which has not been sublet and which, according to your campaign records, is costing $31,000 per month. Perhaps the Mayberrys could live there while you are renovating their rental cottage.

From the “Family Values” Files,

GoreGaffes: “Together, we will transform America’s collection of ramshackle bureaucracies into an e-government that works for every American.” –Gore on “ramshackle bureaucracies.” **Wait a minute. Isn’t he the guy who already “reinvented” those ramshackle bureaucracies?

Gorebabble: “Look at how great Times Square is now. It’s just so wonderful, and families come there. [The NRA Grille] is the last thing that Times Square needs.” –Gore on the NRA’s plans to open up a restaurant in lovely Times Square. *Obviously Al Gore knows as much about the family venue at Times Square as that consummate Yankee fan, “New Yawker” HILLARY! {} “It’s most unlikely, I don’t want to mislead you. But I don’t completely rule it out. My natural instincts are to reach out and create bipartisan coalitions.” –Gore on the possibility of selecting a Republican as his running mate. *Hey, Jerry Ford is unemployed!

Observation Points: “I said I give him my full support, and that’s what I will do.” –Bill Bradley after voting for Gore in his state’s primary. Asked whether that meant he was “endorsing” Gore, Bradley said, “It’s your call.” **We don’t think that was an endorsement – and suspect Bradley actually voted for Lyndon LaRouche.

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