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Mark Alexander · Oct. 27, 2000

It’s all over. Bush wins by 59%. Gore takes 36%, Nader 3% and Buchanan 2%. At least that is according to the 877,000 votes cast by school kids in the ChannelOne election. ChannelOne schools across the nation were sent “One Vote” kits with unique voter registration cards for each child in that school. ChannelOne has conducted the vote for the last two election cycles – and in each case, the student vote accurately predicted the results of the national vote, which followed.

In other good news for the Bush camp, Associated Press writer Calvin Woodward reports, “After all the bad things Al Gore has been saying about the state of George W. Bush’s Texas, it seems conditions there are on the mend after all. Says who? The Clinton-Gore administration.” Woodward was commenting on a White House Web site page – since removed – noting these recent improvements in the state of Texas: “More high-quality teachers with smaller classes for Texas’ schools; Crime falls 15 percent in Texas; 496,746 fewer people on welfare; Health care for nearly 50,900 uninsured Texas children; More toddlers are being immunized; Child support collections up 178 percent; 2,005,800 new jobs; Home ownership has increased in Texas; 11 toxic waste sites cleaned up.”

Observation Points: “You only want to be ahead in one poll: the final one taken in voting booths all across the nation on November 7.” –John LeBoutillier ++ “We just saw the tragedy that befell those brave young Americans on board the USS Cole, that we still live in a very dangerous world. This administration is conducting a photo-op foreign policy for which we may pay a very heavy price. We need a steady hand on the tiller. We need the kind of leadership that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney will provide this country so we cannot have those kinds of tragedies ever happen again.” –John McCain ++ “George W. Bush is now a credible candidate for the White House. He has grown during the campaign. He has demonstrated that he has a vision for America. Yet he remains far from ideal. If Bush wants to win American hearts, he needs to transform himself from politician to leader.” –Debra Saunders ++ “A tip of the hat to George W. Bush, who – for all the press’s preaching about the ‘sharp disagreements’ that supposedly have emerged between him and Vice President Gore – has managed to obfuscate whatever such differences exist and to advance, as his principal claim to being elected president, that he really doesn’t disagree with Gore very much.” –Sam Francis ++ “What’s outrageous is the unwillingness of my ‘colleagues’ in the press to scrutinize an appallingly incoherent national security process. No wonder the polls show Americans don’t care about foreign policy. We don’t have one – and they don’t know it.” –Oliver North ++ “The real problem with the GOP is that they don’t fight because they don’t understand what they are fighting for.” –Matthew Robinson

From Amerika2000 – The DemocRATS

Trying to explain why he wanted Clinton to stay away from his campaign, Al Gore said, “He is president of the country and has a full-time job. That’s not just a throw-away phrase.” All that changed this week, as Gore’s campaign begins to really scramble in light of internal polling data showing their man is trailing Mr. Bush. Clinton is back in the loop!

The Demos will supplement Clinton’s campaign swing by saturating the airwaves with attack ads, funded in large measure by the Teamsters, the National Education Association, various industrial unions, and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, whose “donations” to the Demos will top $50 million this cycle.

The NAACP never comes up short when their man is in trouble. As of this writing, they have registered 11,400 prison inmates in Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Tennessee, in what the organization calls “prisoner re-enfranchisement.” We call it “Crooks for Gore.”

Speaking of trailing Mr. Bush, today is the deadline for Joe Lieberman to withdraw from his Connecticut Senate race. Old Joe can read between the polls: “I really think it would, in many ways, be an act of bad faith if I pulled out at this point.”

Gore’s strategy will be to focus on Social Security in the closing days of the campaign. Yesterday, he told a crowd, “[Bush] is proposing to privatize a big part of Social Security and he’s proposing to take $1 trillion, a million billion dollars out of the Social Security trust fund and give it as a tax incentive to young workers. … It doesn’t add up unless you’re using fuzzy math.” A “million billion”? That’s a quadrillion, about 100 times the entire U.S. GDP. So that is what Gore means by “fuzzy math”!

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