The Patriot Post® · A Banner Week for the 'Gender Challenged'

By Mark Alexander ·

“Whatever may be conceded to the influence of refined education on minds of peculiar structure, reason and experience both forbid us to expect that National morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.” –George Washington

Sometimes bad news travels in a pack.

This was a week of trials, trickery and triumphs for three percent of the population who self-identify as “gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered” – the small but vociferous “gender-bender” subculture.

First up, the trial.

Child psychiatrist Dr. William Ayres, former president of the prestigious American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry from 1993-1995, was arrested in California and charged with 14 felony counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14 – adolescent boys to be more specific.

According to prosecutor Melissa McKowan, 21 men accused Ayres of molesting them when they were children under his care, but because of the state’s ten-year statute of limitations, only three cases could be prosecuted.

One of Ayres’ patients, Greg Hogue, now 37, said, “It’s like a stain that doesn’t wash off. He is trained to know exactly what kind of damage he is causing and is doing it anyway.”

Margaret Kemp, a San Mateo County judge who referred troubled youth to Ayres between 1978 until 2004, said, “I never had reason to question him. … When we had kids who were charged with sex offenses, we would send them to him for evaluation.” Kemp referenced the irony of her words about Ayres, noting, “Every time we saw someone charged with child molestation, family and friends would stand up in court – even after the person had pleaded guilty – and say there had to be a mistake, he wouldn’t do such a thing.”

Kemp added, “I hear echoes of that in what I’m saying to you. Oftentimes, child molesters, particularly middle-class, educated people, are completely unsuspected by people who live with them or work with them.”

Certainly, not all homosexuals are pedophiles, but same-sex pedophilia is a pathological extension of homosexuality. However, despite abundant evidence to the contrary, the American Psychiatric Association no longer classifies homosexuality as “pathology.”

Dr. Ronald Bayer, author of the book, Homosexuality and American Psychiatry, writes that the reclassification violated “the most basic expectations about how questions of science should be resolved. Instead of being engaged in sober discussion of data, psychiatrists were swept up in a political controversy. The result was not a conclusion based on an approximation of the scientific truth as dictated by reason, but was instead an action demanded by the ideological temper of the times.”

Second up, the trickery.

The Soulfarce, er, uhh, Soulforce Equality Ride is on the road again. The 2007 tour features 50 young gender-challenged college students traveling to 32 Christian colleges and universities “in creative pursuit of social justice … empowered to change countless lives.”

In a contemptible and disingenuous mockery of the 1960s Freedom Riders, who supported Martin Luther King’s pursuit of social justice for blacks, Soulforce’s objective is to “liberate the oppressed” from “spiritual violence” by asserting that there is no Christian prohibition on homosexuality. Their stated purpose is to confront religious leaders whose “rhetoric” “leads to the suffering and death of God’s lesbian and gay children.”

Their modus operandi: Even if Soulforce miscreants have been offered a forum to meet with students on the targeted campuses, they reject those meetings and force the colleges and universities to have them arrested for trespassing, thus making sure they get the desired media coverage.

Soulforce is the brainchild of Rev. Dr. Mel White and his “partner” Gary Nixon, who proclaim, “We should be open to new truth from Scripture.” (Especially if the “old truth” does not comport with the deviant behavior of certain out groups.) According to the White-Nixon translation of Scripture, “The Biblical authors are silent about homosexual orientation [and] neither approve it nor condemn it.”

On that note, I have invited White and Nixon to review and rebut the most relevant essay on homosexuality on the Internet: “Gender Identity, The Homosexual Agenda and The Christian Response.” As of yet, no reply.

And last, a sordid triumph.

In time for the annual “Gay Days at Disney” festival (29 May - 4 June this year), that special week when hordes of gender-confused disciples descend on the Disney theme park in Orlando, Florida, Walt Disney Company has announced that it will offer its Fairy Tale Wedding packages to same-sex couples.

These Fairy Tail “marriages” start at $4,000 and include nuptial celebrations at one of the park’s marriage pavilions. In addition, they feature Disney-costumed characters for the reception and a horse-drawn, glass-enclosed carriage to escort the happy couple through Disney property for all to see.

Leslie Goodman, a senior VP for Disney Parks and Resorts, said, “This is the very logical extension of a business we are already in.” Disney Parks spokesman Donn Walker added, “We believe this change is consistent with Disney’s longstanding policy of welcoming all guests in an inclusive environment.”

Joe Solmonese, president of the Human (read: Homosexual) Rights Campaign, notes, “When an iconic company like the Walt Disney Company recognizes the value of treating all customers fairly, gay or straight, it reaps the benefits.”

And, I might add, the consequences.

There is nothing “gay” about gender disorientation pathology, despite all the Soulforce and Disney fanfare. Just ask the former patients of Dr. William Ayres.

(The Christian family is under assault from many quarters, one of the most ominous being the secular challenges to traditional sexual morality as outlined in the basic canons of Christian foundational guidance, Holy Scripture. For an excellent booklet on this topic, link to “Gender Identity.”)