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Alexander's Column

On the political front

Mark Alexander · Mar. 24, 2000

From the Bush campaign journal…

Gerald Ford found a microphone this week, and gave Dubya a bit of advice: “It would be better for candidates to stay away from any group that is so dedicated to a single religious conviction. … I can be very frank with my Republican friends: Unless they move back into the middle, and have a big-tent philosophy, they’ll continue to lose the White House.” Nothing like a little advice from a former president who was never elected to that office, and lost his only presidential bid to Jimmy Carter.

McCain wrap-up: McCain campaign advisor Dan Schnur noted a few of the Senator’s mistakes. First was comparing George W. to President Clinton. Yep! The second mistake was authorizing Catholic voters “alerts,” adding, “Even worse, we lied about it, too. It really hurt our credibility.” Yep! And last, Schnur said McCain’s criticism of Christian conservatives hurt. Yep! Schnur did not mention that a man of honor with a relatively conservative congressional voting record, running his campaign as if he were a Democratic, was a mistake.

For his part, Mr. Bush is back on the road trying to raise much needed cash. After the McCain parricide, he now trails Al Gore in ready cash. The elder Bush and, one of our favorite first ladies, Barbara, are on the road with the campaign, improving the younger’s chances of catching up!

Observation Points: “…[A]fter losing New Hampshire, Bush decided to veer right. And because he doesn’t know the right very well, he figured he had to do Bob Jones. In his heart, he is really a Bush after all – an essentially country-club Republican who thinks that conservative Republicans really are racists and xenophobes.” –Mona Charen {} “[Bush’s] indifference suggests obtuseness or intellectual laziness, or both, and gives those conservatives who care most about constitutional questions no substantial reason to prefer Bush to McCain.” –George Will {} “In their quest to control the middle of American politics, both [Bush and Gore] may be offering middling leadership in every dictionary sense of that word.” –Lowell Ponte"

From Bore2000 – The Vice Prevaricator…

“I want to say a word to the supporters of Senator John McCain in the Republican primaries. To any who can hear the sound of my voice, whatever party you’re in…I’d like to ask for your support.” Of course, since a significant portion of Mr. McCain’s support was from Demo cross-dressers endeavoring to create a wedge in the Republican Party, they will likely support Gore.

Trying to court the “reform” McCainiacs, Gore has morphed into a born-again campaign finance reformer. He is proposing weekly presidential debates rather than raising millions for television ads – a move likely to displease his media lapdogs. “Wouldn’t that be a better way to honor our democracy?” asked Gore. Does he even know what the word means? Gore e-mailed Dubya last week and challenged him to support McCain’s reform proposals.

Mr. Bush responded accordingly: “Dear Al, Both you and I have made a number of campaign finance reform proposals. But before we debate these changes, it is important for Americans to know whether the current campaign finance laws have been obeyed and enforced. So I challenge you to clear the air on some serious charges. I hope you will encourage the White House and the Department of Justice to release all records and photographs relating to the investigation of fundraising abuses by you and your administration. … You did not mention the matter of compulsory union dues being used to support political candidates – a violation of worker rights – when you spoke to the AFL-CIO.” Bush added a P.S. “This Internet of yours is a wonderful invention.”

In other BoreSnore news, of particular interest, as the next president will likely be appointing three Supreme Court Justices, was this comment from Mr. “Choice!” “I would look for justices of the Supreme Court who understand that our Constitution is a living and breathing document, that it was intended by our Founders to be interpreted in the light of the constantly evolving experience of the American people.”

Memo to Al: The most precursory review of the Federalist Papers will reveal that the author of our Constitution and our Founders never intended for its “interpretation.”

Observation Points: “With his pledge to make campaign-finance reform a major theme of the presidential race, Vice President Gore is sending a clear message to the American people: ‘Stop me before I shake down Buddhist nuns again’!” –National Review Online. ++ “[T]he very idea that Gore, of all money-grubbing pols, would dare to proclaim himself a champion of campaign finance reform is no less absurd than, say, O.J. Simpson declaring himself a crusader on behalf of battered women.” –Joseph Perkins ++ “Al Gore, of all people, saying, ‘This is the centerpiece of my campaign.’ That’d be like Bill Clinton giving sexual harassment seminars.” –Rep. Lindsey Graham ++ “Al Gore’s announcement that he’ll make campaign-finance reform his central issue this fall recalls the fellow who kills his parents, and then pleads for mercy on the grounds that he’s an orphan.” –New York Post ++ “When Al Gore acknowledged last weekend that he ‘made a mistake in pressing the limits’ in his 1996 campaign fund-raising, he was offering up a fine new specimen of the Useful Apology. He now brings ‘the passion that comes from personal experience to the battle for campaign finance reform,’ he told the New York Times, a passion ‘fueled in part because of the pain of those mistakes.’ This supposed confession – dutiful, limited and as persuasive as all regrets spoken by miscreants who are sorry they got caught – contains a lot of what drives normal people nuts about politics.” –Marjorie Williams

And a final note: Perhaps some Republican will mention that the high fuel costs we are now lamenting is but a taste of the future if Eco-Al ever gets to implement his “Earth in the Balance” globaloney.

Oh, HILLARY! Rodham-Clintonista…

Another police shooting in New York – another opportunity for another Clinton to use a body as a campaign stump! “Where a real leader would wait for the results of a full and fair investigation, he has led the rush to judgment. That is not leadership…,” says HILLARY!, attacking New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani for releasing the sealed juvenile criminal record of Patrick Dorismond, who was shot in a scuffle with a police officer. While Giuliani’s actions in this case where, well, unconscionable, you may recall that a few weeks ago, HILLARY! referred to the death of illegal immigrant Amadou Diallo as “murder” during the trial of the officers who shot him – all of whom were acquitted the following week.

Apparently HILLARY! is also using the Clinton/Gore fund-raising playbook. She raised $24,000 at a Washington fund-raiser last December, organized by a Pakistani lobbyist after hubby Bill announced he would not visit Pakistan during his upcoming visit to India. In February a New York fund-raiser organized by Pakistani-American businessmen raised $50,000, and by coincidence, Mr. Clinton reversed himself and visited Pakistan this week.

Observation Points: “For the First Lady, New York has become a kind of Panderer’s Box: the minute you open it all kinds of competing identity groups fly out demanding you kiss up to them and you can never get the lid back on again.” –Mark Steyn {} “How does someone mount a Senate campaign from a state where she has never lived if she has no record of accomplishment to point to and is, on top of all that, widely distrusted?” –The New Yorker’s Elizabeth Kolbert

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