The Patriot Post® · The Demo-lition Party's Politics of Disunity...

By Mark Alexander ·


“We are either a United people, or we are not. If the former, let us, in all maters of general concern act as a nation, which have national objects to promote, and a national character to support. If we are not, let us no longer act a farce by pretending to it.” –George Washington

John Kerry and his cadre of Demo-gogues endeavored mightily to portray themselves as “uniters” at their recent Party confab.

“We are constantly told America is deeply divided,” bellowed Bill Clinton on the gala’s opening night. “[Republicans] need a divided America. But we don’t.” Ted Kennedy, who wrote the book on disunity, declared to delegates, “There are those who seek to divide us. … America needs a genuine uniter – not a divider. [Republicans] divide and try to conquer. They know the power of the people is weakened when our house is divided.” Roberta Achtenberg begged, “Reject Republican efforts to exploit our differences and divide our nation.” Marcia Bristo lectured on “the politics of division or of one America.” And Hillary Rodham-Clinton-Rodham asserted, “Together we can…transcend our differences and divisions.”

For his part, Kerry intoned, “In the weeks ahead, let’s be optimists. … Let’s build unity…not angry division. This is our time to reject the kind of politics calculated to divide race from race, group from group, region from region.” To which Kerry’s lapdog, John “Two Americas” Edwards, added, “Between now and November – you can reject the tired, old, hateful, negative politics of the past.” (Got that, fellow Patriots? “Vote for us,” Edwards is saying, “because those Republicans are tired, old, hateful and negative.” Clearly, all that hairspray has soaked in too far.)

Of course, any time you see a motley crew of Demos claiming to be uniters, you can be sure it’s a ruse, a canard, a fable, a falsehood, a mendacity, a deception, a prevarication, a falsification, a misrepresentation – a lie.

Despite their considerable effort to feign the spirit of unity, Democrats rely almost completely on the politics of disunity in order to sustain their power. Indeed, the Left’s political playbook has only one chapter defining their modus operandi – “Divide-n-Conquer” – no wonder their national leadership calls itself the DnC.

Historically, Demos have run their campaigns on two DnC themes – economic class disparity and socio-cultural victimization – and the Kerry-Edwards campaign is no exception. Every time the Johns lift their lids, they declare that it’s Bush v. poor, Bush v. blacks, Bush v. women, Bush v. children, Bush v. seniors, Bush v. tree-huggers, Bush v. non-Christians, Bush v. homosexuals, Bush v. Americans, and on, and on, ad nauseam…

Often, these Demo “faux-uniters” are able to mix DnC themes for maximum political gain. For example, consider this comment from DnC Chairman Terry McAuliffe this week as he simultaneously plays both the class-warfare and race-bait-victim cards: “Employment opportunities for African-Americans continue a downward slide in the Bush economy. Today’s report has African-American unemployment jumping. … In real terms, this means that an additional 156,000 capable African-American workers have lost their jobs. … This administration has presided over the worst decline in the African-American labor market in over 25 years.”

Translation: Bush v. poor (but capable) hyphenated black folks.

Indeed, Kerry-Edwards and their Demo-ilk are in full swing with their tried-and-true messages of disunity, endeavoring to rally the Demo’s aggrieved “victim” and special-interest constituencies, and then conquer Republicans by promising Nanny-State protections and handouts to counter the legitimate conservative solutions of individual responsibility and private-sector hand-ups.

Handouts, it seems, are an easier sell than hand-ups.

The Kerry-Edwards campaign has structured its “ends justify the means” strategy entirely around the theme of discontent. As always, they’ll appeal to the legions of lemmings who’ve been conditioned by generations of pseudo-intellectual “progressives” to believe that they have no responsibility for their own circumstances and that the government will ultimately be their salvation. Do-gooders like FDR and Kennedy created an enormous welfare-state, and today phonies like Kerry and Edwards (modern wealthy elitists who portray themselves as “men of the people”) distribute this inheritance of welfare-state co-dependants into special-victim classes united mostly by their hatred and discontent.

The fact is, most Kerry-Edwards supporters fall into one of these Demo-constituency groups, and they’re motivated by a hatred for one or more of the following: patriotism, the military, American autonomy, free enterprise, the Constitution, God, Christians, the Pledge of Allegiance, white folks without NAACP cards, gun-owners, school-voucher advocates, home-schoolers, rural folks, the South, independent thinkers (especially conservative blacks), SUV-drivers, heterosexual males, anyone who threatens Leftist eco-theological idolatry, traditional marriage and families, abstinence, pre-born children, entrepreneurs, small business owners, large business owners (stockholders), nuclear energy, oil exploration, global warmers, anyone who listens to talk radio, anyone with authority, anyone advocating individual responsibility, anyone who reads The Patriot, et cetera, et cetera ….

Most of all, though, they hate haters – a “hater” being defined as anyone who dares challenge their Demo-constituency agenda. They are united in their hate for George W. Bush.

Thus, regardless of when the Johns overflow about unity, they’ve clearly built their house on a foundation of disunity. It’s a house whose symbolism seeks out the very worst elements in human nature; a house whose demagogic style far outshines its legitimate substance. Of course, on the Left, symbolism always trumps substance.