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Mark Alexander · Jun. 2, 2000

Former Pennsylvania Gov. Robert Casey, a Democrat who spoke passionately against his party’s support for abortion, died Tuesday. He made headlines in 1992 when he was denied a chance to speak at the Democratic National Convention – you know, the “party of tolerance.” He responded in the press, “My party, the Democratic Party, should be the protector and claims to be the protector of the powerless. …. And that includes unborn children.” His voice of reason and virtue will be missed.

On the other hand, conservatives have expressed some consternation over George Bush’s consideration of PA’s current Republican governor, Tom Ridge, as a potential running mate. Ridge has a long history of dalliances with the political left. While he was a member of the House of Representatives, Congressional Quarterly reported that he was one of the Reagan administration’s most distinguished adversaries, opposing President Reagan on many major administration initiatives. On abortion, Ridge, who is Catholic, said recently, “It pains me to disagree with my faith community. But it’s a very difficult, personal decision that belongs ultimately to the woman.”

Now if we have this correct, Casey was generally conservative and Ridge is generally liberal. Does the term “Republicrats” come to mind here?

BushBits: “I don’t know how many times you’re able to reinvent yourself in the course of a campaign.” –George W. on the “new and improved” (kinder, gentler) Al Gore, who is dropping his strategy of portraying Bush as “smug” and “arrogant,” leaving the name calling to his surrogates. {} “It’s fitting, I guess, that I’m here in Washington talking to Realtors. After all, I’m looking for a new house.” –George W. at the mid-year National Association of Realtors conference.

Observation Points: “I’m a Republican whose party affiliation is premised in large part on my appreciation for the Cold War leadership of Republican presidents and members of Congress, and on the dominant internationalist tradition and respect for presidential prerogatives that have characterized our foreign-policy views for the past half century. Therefore, I was pleased when the Republican nominee for president, Gov. Bush, demonstrated his strong identification with what were once considered core Republican values by calling on Senate Republicans to reject the attempted assault on the authority of the office he intends to inhabit.” –John McCain on George W.‘s position against Congress forcing the president’s hand on troops in Kosovo. **We checked, and Congress was (correctly) reasserting its constitutional powers of declaring war, raising and supporting armies, and calling forth the militia…. You know, that “separation of powers” thing!

From Bore2000 – The Vice Prevaricator…

Al “I’m-Not-So-Pasty-White” Gore applies “spray-facial makeup” with a Magic Wand developed for Hollywood femmes who use the device to hide facial blemishes. Perhaps Al has not been listening to his PETA friends and has been consuming too many dairy products!

RNC Chairman Jim Nicholson concludes: “First it was earth-tone suits and hair thickener – now it’s spray-on makeup? This can’t be Naomi Wolf’s idea of an Alpha Male! Gore still doesn’t understand: It’s not the imperfection, it’s the cover-up.”

Gorebabble: “You carry an M-16, a fully loaded M-16, for a reason. You hope to never have to use it.” –Gore in a Memorial Day speech on his “service” in Vietnam. Of course, Gore’s weapon was a typewriter. **He was never in as much danger as law-abiding folks who are prohibited from carrying concealed weapons in Gore’s hometown – Washington, D.C. And inquiring minds want to know; did he use the Magic Wand in Vietnam?

Observation Points: “…(I)n eight years as Vice President (Al Gore) seems to have turned himself into Clinton without the charm.” –Wall Street Journal {} “In his sophomore year at Harvard, Gore’s grades were lower than any semester recorded on Bush’s transcript from Yale.” –David Maraniss and Ellen Nakashima in the Washington Post. Apparently “Environ-mental Al” got C’s and D’s in science courses and “the self-proclaimed inventor of the Internet avoided all courses in mathematics and logic throughout college….”

HILLARY! The Rodham-Clintonista…

While touting her “Jewish” heritage out one side of her mouth, it now appears that HILLARY! joined a gaggle of Yasser Arafat’s anti-Semites for a “private” fund-raiser last month.

HILLARITIES! “Will it be a campaign of ideas and issues or a campaign of insults?” **If HILLARY! is in the race, it can only be one of insults.

Observation Points: “My opponent is better financed and better known. She comes to New York with the support of every left-wing special interest, from Washington insiders to the Hollywood elite. Bring 'em on. Because when it comes to representing the needs, concerns and values of the people of New York, I have one advantage she’ll never have - I can be myself. I am a New Yorker.” –Rep. Rick Lazio {} “Why doesn’t the diversity crowd ever give the Republican Party credit for placing developmentally disabled persons in a substantial majority of its leadership positions? Whenever Republicans get a Clinton in their sights (through no daring feats or hard work of their own, I might add), they immediately proceed to shoot themselves in the foot.” –Ann Coulter on the Giuliani snafu. {} “After Hillary’s eight years at the nucleus of national government, should New York voters give her another fix? Are there not enough manipulators, corrupters and power whores in the Senate without sending another to that body?” –Don Feder

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