The Patriot Post® · 2008 Presidential Candidate Ratings

By Mark Alexander ·

2008 Presidential Candidate Ratings

(PUBLISHER’S NOTE: A candidate’s Patriot Rating is based on comprehensive analysis of many factors, including each candidate’s record, experience, capability, character, leadership qualifications and, of course, the candidate’s demonstrated ability to grasp the [plain language of our Constitution |] – and promote it accordingly.)

Many voters support candidates on the basis of one or two candidate platform issues rather than the entire profile we developed from the aforementioned qualifiers. That is to say, if your favorite candidate did not score as highly as you anticipated, it is likely because of platform issues or qualifications other than those on which you base your support.

Suffice it to say that if we had a candidate with Newt’s intellect and record, Fred’s no-nonsense leadership ability and, Duncan’s clarity on border security, Huck’s faith, Mitt’s executive experience and presence, John’s military record, Allan’s fervor, Ron’s respect for the Constitution, and Rudy’s (well, let’s not go there), we would have a “perfect ten” to carry forward the conservative mantle. Unfortunately, history has not produced a perfect ten in the last century, though some Presidents (Ronald Reagan) certainly have earned admirable mention.

For more information on issues, link to The Patriot Post’s Topical essays. For a comprehensive analysis of the use and effect of political polling, read Pollaganda – media polls as instruments of propaganda.

Republican Candidates (alphabetized if equal rating)

Newt Gingrich Patriot Rating: 10

Fred Thompson (The Patriot Post endorsed the candidacy of Fred Thompson six months before he entered the race. Read the Thompson endorsement and our comments on Thompson, the candidate.) Patriot Rating: 9

Mitt Romney Patriot Rating: 8 – Read The Patriot Post’s Romney profile

Duncan Hunter (The Patriot Post has endorsed the candidacy of Duncan Hunter. Read the Hunter endorsement) Patriot Rating: 8

Mike Huckabee Patriot Rating: 6 – Read The Patriot Post’s Huckabee profile

John McCain Patriot Rating: 6 – Read The Patriot Post’s McCain profile.

Alan Keyes Patriot Rating: 5

Ron Paul Patriot Rating: 4 Read The Patriot Post’s Paul profile.

Rudy Giuliani Patriot Rating: 3

Democrat Candidates

For more information on political issues, link to The Patriot Post’s Topical essays.

Hillary Rodham Clinton Patriot Rating: 0 – Read The Patriot Post’s Clinton profile.

Albert Arnold Gore Will the populist potentate of eco-theology step up just before the Democrat convention to salvage the Obma-Clinton toss up? Patriot Rating: 0 – Read The Patriot Post’s [Gore profile|] and the debunking of his Climate Change rhetoric

Barack Hussein Obama Patriot Rating: 0 – Read The Patriot Post’s Obama profile series.