Alexander's Column

I will incite for you!

Mark Alexander · Dec. 8, 2000

“But when we play the fool, how wide The theatre expands! beside, How long the audience sits before us! How many prompters! what a chorus!” –Landor, Plays

Some who have questioned Al Gore’s fitness for the highest and most powerful elected office in the world underestimated the depravity that could lead to the contest being played out in the Florida courts. Gore, who promised “I’ll fight for you,” has decided, instead, to fight for himself at great risk to the integrity of all those reasonable souls who supported him.

Gore has often been chided for his arrogance and his condescension. Now, however, it appears that even the faithful are beginning to question his suitability for the presidency, not the least of whom is Washington Post columnist and Gore supporter, Richard Cohen, who wrote recently, “I voted for Al Gore…. If I could, I would change my vote…. [This country] is in need of a conciliator…. That man is not Al Gore. That man is George W. Bush.”

Indeed, many Democrat traditionalists have begun to question Gore’s inner psyche as revealed by his lawless and shameless attempt to continue recounting and discounting ballots in Florida until he can divine a majority. His challenge to Mr. Bush’s victory is driven by the narcissistic delusion that only he, as the left’s “anointed,” can accurately represent the will of the people.

This is leftist elitism exposed – the emperor is, indeed, naked.

The most troubling manifestation of such unmitigated ambition is Gore’s singular disdain for any voice in this campaign other than that rendered by the courts. Gore has assembled an impressive array of Sociocratic legal thinkers to press his claim for the legitimacy of the judicial route to Pennsylvania Avenue.

This is judicial activism bared for all to see.

Gore’s most loyal constituents – the perpetually disenfranchised – have rallied to his cause regardless of the legitimacy of his legal antics.

This is partisan politics au naturel.

It's Right. It's Free.