The Patriot Post® · More Newsom Hypocritical Nincompoopery

By Mark Alexander ·

As the old saw goes, “If not for double standards, Democrats would have no standards.” There are few better examples of hypocrisy than California’s elitist dictator, Gavin Newsom — though Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris are close on his heels.

As you recall, just weeks after Pelosi was caught having her hair styled in violation of California CV19 pandemic rules, Newsom was caught arrogantly and flagrantly violating his group-gathering diktats for his subjects — ascribing to the Democrat Party’s statist principle, “Laws for thee but not for me.” Newsom was dining at one of the state’s most expensive and exclusive restaurants with a dozen high rollers, including, ironically, his longtime friend and party host, lobbyist Jason Kinney, as well as California Medical Association CEO Dustin Corcoran and the association’s chief lobbyist, Janus Norman — all of whom were in close contact without masks, violating Newsom’s mandatory rules regarding the number of party guests and masking.

Over the weekend, Newsom topped his tone-deaf hypocrisy by posting the following social media message: “Today is Small Business Saturday. California is home to over 4 million small businesses. This holiday season, shop safe and shop local to help support our economy and the over 7 million workers that help keep our small businesses going.”

California was “home to over 4 million small businesses.” Newsom has hamstrung or outright shuttered the state’s small businesses, many of which will never reopen — and the jobs of many of those “7 million workers” are gone. Yet he has the unmitigated audacity to post a “Small Business Saturday” message? One can only assume California Demo voters are too dullard to find objection to the gross irony of Newsom’s post.

Adding to the steaming pile of abject Demo hypocrisy, Joe Biden’s puppeteer, Kamala Harris, another California overachiever in double standards, issued this declaration over the weekend: “Small businesses, especially Black and minority-owned businesses, urgently need relief to survive the effects of coronavirus this winter. Joe Biden and I are committed to helping these businesses during this pandemic and get them the support they need to thrive in years to come.”

This is the same Kamala Harris who, over the summer, supported rioters in urban centers. Recall that in June, before being tapped by Biden, Harris actually appealed for bail funds to release rioters who were committing that violence: “If you’re able to, chip in now to the [fund] to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota.” The same week Harris was appealing for rioter bail funds, the Minnesota Star Tribune listed more than 360 businesses across the Twin Cities that had been “vandalized, looted or had doors and windows smashed” by those same rioters. The Star Tribune noted, “Some have been reduced to rubble, and at least 66 have been destroyed completely by fire.”

In other words, many of those “Black and minority-owned businesses” that employed Black and minority residents are gone. But now Harris claims those that remain “urgently need relief to survive the effects of coronavirus.” Apparently, most of the Biden-Harris Demo voters are too dullard to recall that many of those businesses did not “survive” the rioting that Biden and Harris effectively supported with their silence.

Finally, Biden would have been in the running for mindless hypocritical post-Thanksgiving posts, but he was recovering from a fall after playing with his dog. Don’t worry, the Biden team has Kamala on speed dial.