The Patriot Post® · A Deserving Person of the Year Cover

By Mark Alexander ·

Predictably, Time magazine chose the dullard Joe Biden and his pending replacement, Kamala Harris, for its 2020 “Person (sic) of the Year” cover.

Like you, I can think of a phonebook full of more deserving and qualified cover options.

One who comes to mind is President Donald Trump, whose historic efforts toward peace in the Middle East just netted a fourth Islamic nation stepping up to normalize diplomatic relations with Israel. And Saudi Arabia is not far behind.

However, my choice for any person of the year cover would be Chinese disease specialist, Dr. Li Wenliang. The fact that most people do not know his name is very unfortunate. Li was the Wuhan doctor who boldly rang the alarm about the yet-to-be-named COVID-19 virus when the ChiComs were still concealing information about the deadly virus.

In our comprehensive COVID pandemic timeline, the most comprehensive timeline on the web, we note that on 1 January, “Wuhan China health officials issued an urgent internal notice about the spread of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, and Hubei Province authorities ordered all labs sequencing the virus to destroy their samples and keep that secret. Eight Chinese doctors who saw that notice and bravely posted warnings about the novel coronavirus, were detained by Xi Jinping’s state security forces, and their laboratories were ordered to destroy samples of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.”

To continue the ChiCom Virus coverup, on 3 January, Xi Jinping’s government issued a similar national order for the secret destruction of SARS-CoV-2 virus samples.

As a result of sounding the alarm, Dr. Li was forced by Red China’s state security forces to sign an official confession admitting he spread “false rumors” about CV19.

A month later, on 7 February, conveniently for Xi’s regime, whistleblower Li died in a Chinese state medical facility, ostensibly of CV19 disease, according to Chinese state media. Li was only 34 and healthy, and it is highly suspect that COVID would be his cause of death as claimed by the ChiComs.

It’s no small irony that on the day of Li’s death, Biden’s COVID pandemic advisor, Lisa Monaco, declared, “The good news thus far is that the coronavirus appears to be less lethal than its viral cousin SARS was in 2002 and far less lethal than Ebola was in 2014.” And Biden remained well behind the COVID reality curve in the months that followed — and will be able to declare the pandemic contained next year in large part due to the Trump administration’s actions, including the rapid development of vaccines.

Li was a hero and paid the ultimate price for his courage. Li’s action ensured the ChiComs could not continue to conceal the pandemic threat and thus, arguably, saved millions of additional lives globally had the China/WHO coverup continued for additional weeks, or months.

Compared to Time’s choice of Biden and Harris for its cover, well, there is no comparison between that feckless duo and the sacrifice paid by Dr. Li Wenliang.

Of course, as you may know, Time devoted numerous covers in the 1930s to Adolf Hitler, including naming him Man of the Year in 1938. Consistent with mass murder as a selection criterion, maybe Time should have named Xi Jinping their Man of the Year…