The Patriot Post® · Time for (Chris) Cuomo to Go

By Mark Alexander ·

The elder Cuomo narcissist, Andrew, deep into his third gubernatorial term, finally submitted to demands for his LONG overdue resignation. Amazingly, he did not resign over his deadly malfeasance in response to the ChiCom Virus pandemic, which cost the lives of thousands of New York’s most vulnerable elderly citizens, or his other ineptitudes.

So insulated from accountability for gross negligence was Cuomo by his fawning Leftmedia sycophants and Democrat Party partisans nationwide that he actually received an Emmy Award for his “performance,” and he collected $5 million for writing a book about how great he was. On his unmitigated hubris, political analyst Byron York noted, “Cuomo had the sheer gall … to write and publish a book called ‘American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the Covid-19 Pandemic.’”

But Cuomo, who ascended to the throne his father Mario held and was the most recent chair of the National Governors Association, got a pass on all that. Instead, he resigned over huggy-kissy-grabby allegations. I predict there will be more of those to come and from earlier in his tenure. Short of being held accountable by impeachment, he actually remains eligible for his taxpayer-funded pension, but I am sure that Cuomo will find much more lucrative ways to cash in on his “leadership.”

He joins a long list of disgraced New York Democrats: Eliot Spitzer, Eric Schneiderman, Sheldon Silver, Anthony Weiner, David Paterson, Charles Rangel, John Sampson, Scott Stringer, Malcolm Smith, Clarence Norman, William Boyland, Brian McLaughlin, Carl Kruger, Gloria Davis, Ryan Karben, Sam Hoyt, Diane Gordon, Efrain Gonzalez, Anthony Seminerio, Hiram Monserrate, Pedro Espada, William Scarborough, Shirley Huntley, Nelson Castro, Micah Kellner, Gabriela Rosa, Angela Wozniak, Pamela Harris, and Marc Panepinto. And as National Review’s editors note, “Those are just the ones who got caught.”

So what about the lesser of the narcissistic Cuomo brothers, Chris? It is equally LONG past time for him to resign his stardom at CNN, that bastion of high journalism that calls itself “The Most Trusted Name in News.”

Chris, whose well-heeled pedigree included private prep schools and degrees from Yale and Fordham, was hired by CNN after his brother was elected governor. In 2013, he began hosting CNN’s morning show, and buoyed by his fanning of the Trump Derangement Syndrome flames, in 2018 he was elevated to “Cuomo Prime Time” at the time Andrew’s name was being floated as a 2020 presidential contender against Donald Trump.

But Chris has demonstrably never been ready for prime time.

Frankly, given his golden-boy bravado, I am shocked that harassment allegations have not surfaced against Chris, but perhaps his devotion to Manhattan socialite and Gotham magazine editor Cristina Greeven takes precedence.

While Chris is taking an extended “vacation,” what is surfacing would be the degree upon which his role at CNN was contingent on his brother’s role as governor.

Even the Washington Post’s leftist media columnist Erik Wemple opined, “CNN must investigate Chris Cuomo.” According to Wemple, “Chris Cuomo did not just want to anchor his show; he wanted to anchor his show and celebrate the wondrous feats of Andrew Cuomo.” He asked CNN: “Has CNN taken any steps toward investigating Chris Cuomo’s activities? No response yet.”

Joe Concha, the respected media analyst for CNN’s primary competitor, Fox News, declared about Chris’s advocacy role with his brother: “I would think that network, the brass, would have said something at this point saying we believe this is wrong and it cannot happen again. But they’re not even making any sort of public statement. So what does that tell you? They did the same thing with Jeffrey Toobin. They let it go on for months and months, let the news cycle take it away and they brought back Toobin to the network to lend a hand again, giving legal analysis. Let me leave it here. They couldn’t get more than 630,000 people to watch the network at any time last Friday. Compare that to ‘The Five’ that gets 2.5 million people at 5:00 p.m. … Four times as much. They are sinking faster than they could ever believe.”

When it was clear months ago that Chris was using his platform at CNN to bolster his brother’s political fortunes and protect the family legacy, columnist Maureen Callahan posited, “Is there a bigger joke in broadcast news than Chris Cuomo?” While Chris has a lot of competition for biggest CNN joker, Chris wins the gold! As Callahan notes post-resignation: “Chris Cuomo, who curiously still derives power and status from his disgraced and deposed brother, still gets to make his own rules. What a farce. What a display of arrogance and entitlement. Not a shred of mortification or humility.”

Media Research Center media analyst Tim Graham concludes: “Chris Cuomo has no moral authority and no journalistic integrity left. He should resign.”

CNN will not fire Chris over his “journalistic ethical lapses,” as CNN has no standard for journalistic ethics. But it may can him if his show continues to hemorrhage female viewers — down 41% this week.

When allegations about Andrew Cuomo’s harassment were finally surfacing, Chris declared on his XM radio show: “I don’t like what I do professionally. I don’t think it’s worth my time.” Well, neither do we, so take your gold and go. And when you depart, maybe Joe Biden will acclaim, “I thought he’s done a hell of a job.” And perhaps you can really cash in by signing up for crack art distribution by Hunter’s Manhattan gallery!

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