The Patriot Post® · Former DNI Ratcliffe: Durham Is Closing In

By Mark Alexander ·

Last week, we evaluated the latest indictment resulting from John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Russia-collusion hoax.

A month after Durham’s indictment of Hillary Clinton-connected lawyer Michael Sussmann, the latest indictment of former FBI informant Igor Danchenko is creating a lot of heartburn for Clinton, Barack Obama, and by extension Joe Biden.

Reading between the lines, I conclude this indictment and the footnotes related to the investigation indicate Durham already knows the roles Clinton and Obama played in 2016, setting up Donald Trump for their fake Russia-collusion accusations. Durham knows what the conspiracy organizational chart looks like.

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe has weighed in on the indictments and indicates he anticipates “many indictments” from Durham’s investigation.

According to Ratcliffe:

When I became the director of national intelligence, I [asked for] all of the intelligence about this supposed Russian collusion. What I found was, and as you’re finding out, there was, of course, no Russian collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. But what I did see in intelligence documents, some of which I declassified, is that there was collusion involving the Clinton campaign and Russians to create a dossier. … Danchenko is the third person to be criminally indicted in connection with the Steele dossier for peddling something that was known to be false to the FBI. But what’s important here is John Brennan’s own notes reflect, and the other documents that I declassified show, that our intelligence community and our FBI knew this ahead of time — we had specific intelligence that Hillary Clinton was creating a plan to vilify Donald Trump, to falsely accuse him of ties Russia, and the intelligence community and FBI knew this, and President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were briefed.

Ratcliffe indicated further:

Everything related to the Steele dossier was known to be untrue, but yet it was the predicate for moving forward with an unjust, unfair, and ultimately now, everyone accepts, a criminally negligent investigation against the Trump campaign. The person who was supposed to be investigating the fake Steele dossier before John Durham ever got involved was Peter Strzok, and instead what he did was bury that part of it as related to Hillary Clinton and instead took a dossier that he knew to be false, used it to get a FISA application that he knew to be illegal, and used it to perpetuate an investigation that went on for four years that misrepresented everything to the American people. And that’s why everyone associated with the Steele dossier — with its creation, its peddling to the FBI, and its use by law enforcement authorities against the Trump campaign illegally — is in criminal jeopardy right now.

Regarding what Durham has, Ratcliffe stated:

Many of the documents that John Durham is using are documents that I gave him. So I declassified the documents that we’ve talked about, but I gave John Durham over 1,000 other documents that have not yet been declassified that I know, including intelligence that goes specifically to this criminal activity that would be the basis for further indictments. And, again, what happened with the Steele dossier, a grand jury is saying was criminal in nature, and I expect that all of the folks that are involved with creating it and peddling it falsely would be in jeopardy, and I know that that’s what John Durham is looking at, and as I talked about, this goes to the highest levels of our government and government agencies involved.

Ratcliffe concluded, “There will be many indictments based on the intelligence that I gave to John Durham and that I have seen.”

Responding to Ratcliffe’s comments, Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill predictably insisted the claims were “baseless bullsh*t.”

That assessment not withstanding, noted Democrat GWU law professor Jonathan Turley observed: “These pieces are falling together and they’re forming a rather disturbing picture. Keep in mind on July 28 President Obama was briefed by American intelligence, who told him there is evidence that Hillary Clinton is going to advance a Russian collusion narrative to take away attention from her email scandal. This was a formal briefing in the White House. Three days later the Russian investigation was launched.”

Turley concludes that Danchenko “is not an apex defendant,” that he “looks like someone quite frankly that you want to turn…”   

And, it was Biden’s current National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan who, in 2016, as Turley recounts, “released the major public statement that there was this covert server tying Trump to Moscow, something that was completely fallacious, but he put it all over the media.”

The Clinton’s Russian hoax is unravelling and Jake Sullivan may be next up on Durham indictment list. 

This astounding political deception orchestrated with the assistance of rogue deep-state collaborators may be exposed after all. If Durham can get past the political cutouts to James Comey and John Brennan, he may well get to Clinton and Obama. Of course had Clinton actually been elected in 2016, all of this abject corruption would have remained a deep, dark secret.

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