The Patriot Post® · Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

By Roger Helle ·

To those who follow what’s going on in the Middle East, our hearts are broken for what the Jewish people are suffering. With the incredible intelligence capabilities Israel has — a border wall and high-tech warning systems — how was it caught by surprise?

It could be that so many Israelis are Jewish by birth rather than by religion. So many in the nation do not have a biblical worldview and are unaware of the nation’s past. Over the past several decades, it seems the world has turned against them. The Jews are the invaders and the Palestinians are the suffering residents, too many believe. Well, the Palestinians are not the original residents of Israel. The Jews have occupied this land for thousands of years.

After World War II and the Holocaust, the world said, “Never again.” And yet here we are, 75 years later, with people around the world chanting “Death to the Jews!” and “Gas the Jews!” Israel has been pressured to give away land for peace, and it’s rewarded with more terror and more hatred.

As Israel’s greatest ally, how did our intelligence agencies miss it? Could it be their attention was elsewhere? Say, investigating January 6 suspects, Donald Trump and his supporters, pro-life advocates, and parents who go to school board meetings to protect their children? Inquiring minds want to know. After all, Joe Biden says MAGA Republicans (and climate change) are the greatest threats to our country.

A weak nation invites aggression from its enemies. Did we learn nothing from the rise of the Nazi Party and Europe’s appeasement? Whatever you think of Trump, he saw the threat of terrorism. Trump cut off all aid to the Palestinian Authority because it was funding terrorists. Biden not only started the aid again but increased it significantly. The money goes right to Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the groups Israel is battling for its survival. The State Department asked the Treasury Department to waive restrictions on aid to the PA, even though they knew there was a good chance the money would end up going to the terrorists.

Biden’s recent ransom payment of $6 billion to Iran for hostages freed up funds to continue supporting groups like Hamas. No matter how many times the White House says none of that money is being used to fund these attacks, other sources of money could now be used instead. The sanctions on oil exports from Iran are not being enforced, bringing in $30 billion this year alone. Tehran told Biden to pound sand when he put restrictions on the ransom money. The Iranians said, “It’s ours and we’ll decide how to use it!” Remember, Biden has been wrong on foreign policy for going on 50 years.

Weakness invites aggression! Biden abandoned Afghanistan; Russia subsequently invaded Ukraine. I believe Biden is giving lip service to Israel because his past actions tell a different story. As our weapons supply shrinks, China watches for the right timing to invade Taiwan.

It was said, “The sun never set on the British Empire.” After WWII, Britain’s support for Israel ended; today, there is no British Empire. God calls Israel the “apple of His eye.” If America abandons Israel, our nation will not survive. As Christians, we need to seek the God of Israel for His divine intervention at this critical time!

Something to pray about!
Semper Fidelis