The Patriot Post® · If It Weren't for Double Standards...

By Roger Helle ·

If it weren’t for double standards, the Democrats would not have any standards!

I hate to paint all Democrats with the same broad brush that progressives like to do to conservatives, but I can’t help but be amazed that Democrats I know still vote straight party line even though they hate the things that are happening like same-sex marriage, abortion, and trans “rights.” I told several friends that in 2020, the head of the DNC made it crystal clear that the Democrat Party had no place for “pro-life Democrats.” They still voted for Biden.

But the double standards I’m referring to are from Democrats accusing Republicans of political stunts for the failed impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and possibly Joe Biden. I might agree with them if they hadn’t impeached President Trump twice!

The first time, they impeached Trump for what Hillary Clinton actually did — colluding with Russia to destroy his 2016 campaign. The second time, they impeached Trump, after leaving office, for incitement of insurrection. Just forget that the FBI cleared Trump of “insurrection,” as well as the more than 1,200 citizens arrested after January 6 who were not charged with insurrection. Most were charged with trespassing. The same Democrats from the January 6 Committee are squealing the loudest.

My favorite comment so far (referring to the impeachment of Mayorkas) was, If we fired everyone who was lousy at their job, half of Washington would be empty! Makes you wonder if you should laugh or cry! Only in politics could someone truly suck at their job but not be fired. If businesses or nonprofits ran that way, we’d really be in a mess.

After the 2020 “Sumer of Love” (unless you lived in a city that Black Lives Matter/antifa destroyed), there were no arrests for the two dozen lives lost, nearly 2,000 police officers injured, and $2 billion in property destroyed. However, in New York City, protesters will divide $13 million dollars, $21,500 per protester … for what? I guess because the police stopped them from destroying the city! Again, the 1,200 January 6 protesters have not been so lucky. The vast majority of them have faced serious charges for trespassing.

Then there are peaceful pro-life protesters who had their homes swarmed by heavily armed FBI agents, guns drawn, screaming at the pro-lifers, scaring their families half to death. Six pro-life protesters in Tennessee are facing 10-11 years in prison and huge fines for peacefully protesting outside an abortion clinic. Yet the FBI can’t seem to find one person responsible for the many acts of sabotage, arson, and vandalism against crisis pregnancy centers and churches.

It is a violation of federal law to protest outside the homes of Supreme Court justices. Will anyone be arrested in the ongoing protesting and intimidation of conservative Supreme Court justices? Asking for a friend!

Dear Democrats: Your cries of political stunts and double standards are ringing hollow. Even members of your own party are beginning to realize these double standards. Add to that the funding and generous benefits for millions of illegal immigrants who are treated better than American citizens and minorities.

We can only hope and pray that come election time, minorities and other Democrats realize their party has abandoned them once again in order to buy votes from the next protected class.

Something to pray about!
Semper Fidelis