The Patriot Post® · Sanctuary Churches

By Gary Bauer ·

If you weren’t already angry enough over what’s happening at the border and because so many of our pastors aren’t involved in any issues outside their churches, there’s reason today to be even more angry about the border and a church that got involved in the wrong way.
Last month, you and every other American were given the finger after a mob of illegal aliens viciously beat two New York City police officers. Clearly, those newly arrived migrants weren’t in our country “just seeking a better life.”
But the effort to bring these thugs to justice has been a total fiasco. Of the seven illegal aliens charged in the assault, some were released without bail, and only two were put in jail and required to post bail. According to media reports, one is already out and the last detained illegal alien was just released.
You may recall that during the BLM riots, Kamala Harris, the vice presidential candidate of the Democrat Party, helped raise money to bail out the rioters. Well, other than being a terrible “Border Czar,” we can’t blame Kamala Harris for this.
A local Lutheran church posted the bail for this “cop beater.” The pastor told reporters, “Our church is basically a sanctuary. We assume that people are innocent until they are proven otherwise.”
I’d be really interested to learn if the pastor thinks Donald Trump is innocent or if people who came to Washington, D.C., on January 6th should be assumed innocent rather than hunted down all over the country.
Where is his mercy for the schools that are being overwhelmed?
Where is his mercy for the taxpayers who are being crushed by the financial burden?
Where is his mercy for the victims of criminal illegal aliens?
Has he ever put up money to help Angel Moms bury a child?
He doesn’t seem to care much about the innocent Americans who are being hurt, but only about the illegal aliens violating our laws.
Sadly, many religious organizations are actually helping to facilitate this invasion of our country.