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Re: DOJ Launches Initiative to Confiscate Guns

“The Andrew Pollack example is the perfect illustration of the fallacy and illegality of ‘red flag’ laws. There was no evidence, no due process needed to file the claim, and look at the harm caused (it could have been much worse) before it was adjudicated. There were no consequences for whoever submitted the false accusation. Ergo, how can we trust the government not to be using red flag laws to confiscate guns from the political opposition when we know it has already weaponized the DOJ?” —Georgia

“A red flag law isn’t automatically a bad idea, if — I say if — it is done in compliance with the Constitution and existing law. It is, after all, legal to institutionalize a mentally ill person after he or she has had a hearing and proper legal representation. I think a good argument could be made that some people might be sufficiently unbalanced to be relieved of their access to firearms (and explosives and other weapons), but even if it seems obvious to some government bureaucrat (or neighborhood busybody), it would still need to be properly adjudicated before any legal rights are violated.” —Florida

“According to the Declaration of Independence, I have an unalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I really don’t think any arm of local, state, or federal government is going to be Johnny on the spot in the event I need assistance should one of those unalienable rights be threatened. My mind and my body are my castles, and I will defend them with lethal weaponry if necessary. Joe Biden can stick his gun legislation where the sun don’t shine.” —Ohio

“There is no gun anywhere in the world at any time in history that has ever killed anyone. A gun is not capable of committing any act of violence. Our very own government gaslights the public with the very specific intent of disarming We the People, as an unarmed population is much easier to control. Beware of any government that seeks to disarm the public.” —California

“Our Founders knew painfully well about dictatorship. Our Second Amendment is second only to free speech. We the people have had it good for about 250 years. Perhaps we’ve gotten too complacent and forgotten our roots. Our Founders would no doubt be sickened by what our once-strong Constitutional Republic has been reduced to.” —Colorado

“The regime presently occupying the White House is more tyrannical and communist than any before it. That it has been enabled not only by its own mainstream media ministry of propaganda but by the stupidity and ignorance of everyday Americans is the real tragedy.” —New Jersey

Re: CA Minimum Wage Hike Fallout

“All minimum wage laws fly in the face of free market capitalism. As such, they should all be abolished. Companies/employers should not be forced to pay employees more than their work may be worth. If they don’t pay employees what they are worth, they won’t be able to keep or hire good employees.” —Florida

“It comes as no surprise that raising California’s burger-flipper minimum wage to a ludicrous $20 is resulting in layoffs. But there’s one bright spot: After news broke of the odd exemption that Gavin Newsom granted to restaurants that bake their own bread (like Panera Bread, which JUST HAPPENS to be owned by major Newsom donor Greg Flynn), so much bad publicity erupted that Flynn was forced to forgo the carveout in the law. That won’t help the restaurant workers who lose their jobs when the cost of their labor exceeds their achievable productivity, but it’s a good thing anytime a light can be focused on Democrat shenanigans, especially from one with future presidential ambitions.” —Georgia

Re: NBC Election Deniers Boot McDaniel

“When entertainment programs disguise themselves as ‘news’ or ‘current events’ programs, the FCC should make them display a notice to the effect that the content of the program is entertainment. I.e., the content consists of fiction and personal opinions and is not to be construed as strictly factual. This would apply to both liberal and conservative programs. If some company were to actually produce a strictly factual news program, they could be exempt. That’s a pretty big ‘if.’” —Florida

Re: America the Miserable

“Of course Americans are less happy than they used to be. We’re poorer, less safe from crime, and less free than ever. Those in the majority race are told over and over that their very existence is a racist act, often compounded by additional ‘sins’ of being conservative, married, heterosexual, and/or Christian. The nation is in more debt than ever and going further into the red all the time. Our culture is a clown show. And we’re entering a rancorous election season that will likely last more than a year, with no more to look forward to but the certain knowledge that either Donald Trump or Joe Biden will be the next president. Why is the oldest segment of Americans the happiest? Because we’ll be the first ones to escape.” —Georgia

Re: You Are a King?

“Since you asked, ‘What say ye, Man of Valor?’ I had to step in. Pilate asked Jesus, ‘Are you the King of the Jews?’ Jesus asked Pilate a clarifying question as to whether or not the indictment was secondhand. In other words, if there was no threat to Rome, since Pilate was not accusing Jesus of being a king, then why is Jesus being charged by a third party? When Pilate clarified that it was others accusing Him of being a king, Jesus indicated that His ‘kingdom’ had no fighters and therefore was nonviolent. In saying so, He eliminated the potential threat against Rome. However, Jesus comes to threaten our own kingdom in which we reign supreme. Happy Easter.” —Tennessee

“I always appreciate the articles by Roger and Ron Helle. This one really made me think about how the term ‘liberty’ is misused and its real meaning in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As a side note, I’ve read Roger’s book, and it gives me hope and peace regarding my husband and sons. God bless you both, Ron and Roger, and your families.” —Washington