The Patriot Post® · Chaos in Chicago?

By Gary Bauer ·

Radical left-wing groups and their pro-Hamas sympathizers are reportedly planning to cause chaos at this year’s Democrat National Convention in Chicago. In fact, Democrats are so concerned that they are reportedly considering holding much of the convention virtually.
I don’t think they need to be that worried. Chicago’s Democrat politicians will bend over backwards to help Joe Biden and the DNC put on a good show.
In contrast, Democrat Milwaukee is being totally uncooperative as it prepares to host the Republican National Convention.
RNC officials are fighting with Milwaukee city officials, who insist on allowing demonstrators to gather just a quarter of a mile from the convention center. That means RNC delegates will have to walk past radical demonstrators to get to the convention. They will likely be harassed and assaulted.
But the Milwaukee police don’t care. When GOP officials expressed their concerns, one Milwaukee police captain said some people were concerned that the RNC delegates would “terrorize Milwaukee’s citizens” and “harass minorities.”
The RNC has even asked the Secret Service to extend the perimeter, but they refused. GOP leaders asked to meet with Kimberly Cheatle, the director of the Secret Service, but she refused to meet with them.
I have been to RNC conventions in Democrat-controlled cities where security was intentionally insufficient. The most recent occasion was the 2020 convention. The last night of the convention was held on the White House lawn, while we listened to the rioting going on outside the gates of the White House.
When the event ended, delegates had to walk through crowds of raging leftists. Many attendees, including Sen. Rand Paul, were accosted.
At the 2004 RNC convention in New York City, I was walking to the convention center one day as rioters were running in my direction. Some recognized me and started deliberately running into me, leading to a confrontation. The only thing that prevented serious injury was when New York’s finest finally showed up.
At the 2008 convention in Minneapolis, you had to walk through elaborately guarded walkways that were set up blocks away from the convention center. They did that after the FBI arrested a man who was plotting to bomb the convention site. There were even kidnapping threats against the RNC delegates.
In related news, there are growing calls for an investigation into what is happening at the Secret Service. A petition is reportedly circulating inside the agency, warning of inadequate training and “potential insider threats that could pose a risk to U.S. national security.”
This comes on the heels of reports that a female agent assigned to Vice President Kamala Harris’s detail had a mental breakdown and had to be restrained.
Like every bureaucracy in the Biden administration, the Secret Service has gone woke. “Diversity, equity, and inclusion” ideology is everywhere.
Meanwhile, the Biden administration still refuses to provide Secret Service protection to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., as it refuses GOP requests for more security at the RNC convention.
Just more examples of the weaponization of federal law enforcement.