Right Hooks

Chicago's Gun Registry Shot Down

Yet another one in the win column for the 2nd Amendment.

Sep. 13, 2013
Gun rights have greatly expanded over the years.

For 45 years long years, any Chicago resident wishing to exercise their right to bear arms have been forced to comply with Chicago’s ordinance mandating gun registration in addition to acquiring a firearm permit. But thanks to Illinois’ recent court order lawfully enacting concealed carry, that’s no longer the case. This week gun rights advocates scored a double victory.

“The city council voted to end the gun registry in place since 1968 to comply with court rulings against Chicago and Illinois gun control laws, and to bring the city into line with a state concealed carry law,” Reuters reports. “In addition to eliminating the gun registry, the measures eliminated the requirement for gun owners to have a Chicago firearm permit.”

As you’d expect, Mayor Rahm Emanuel wasn’t too pleased. “I happen to think the court’s wrong. I think their interpretation is wrong,” says Obama’s former White House chief of staff.

It’s been a tough year for the Chicago mayor and his anti-gun administration. Though Chicago continues to suffer an astronomical number of gang-related homicides, Windy City officials – similar to those in the majority of urban areas – still adhere to the fallacy that taking guns from lawful citizens is the solution to our quickly escalating cultural issues. In fact, studies show that more guns equal less crime. Instead of restricting our constitutional rights, how about Mr. Emanuel focus on the real issue.

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