The Patriot Post® · Bloomberg: NRA Lost

Last week, Colorado residents bid adieu to Senators John Morse and Angela Giron with The Vote Heard ‘Round the Country. The campaign to keep the senators in power included contributions from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg who now insists that the anti-gun lobby already won.

Naturally, the billionaire mogul couldn’t resist taking a swipe at the National Rifle Association. “The truth of the matter is, in Colorado, the NRA lost,” Bloomberg declared. “We got the law passed, and it’s the law of Colorado.”

Of course, Mayor Bloomberg would not have invested $350K of his own money if he was certain the recently passed gun laws weren’t also at stake. The recall elections were just a prelude of what’s to come, and he’s naïve if he thinks the effort to defend our Constitution started and ended with last week’s victory.