The Patriot Post® · Second Amendment: Another Push for Gun Control


Barack Obama once again stood on the caskets of innocent murder victims to call for gun control. His shamelessness knows no bounds. The president spoke at the memorial service for the 12 people killed in the Navy Yard shooting, and seized the opportunity to rail against those who defend Second Amendment rights by opposing his gun control agenda. “We cannot accept this,” he declared, meaning the defeat of his agenda.

“The politics are difficult, as we saw again this spring,” Obama told the gathering. “And that’s sometimes where the resignation comes from – the sense that our politics are frozen and that nothing will change.” But, he insisted, “We’re going to have to change. We don’t take the basic common sense actions to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and dangerous people.” Actually, Aaron Alexis passed a background check for buying a shotgun, just like Joe Biden told him to do, and another check for a security clearance. Clearly, background checks are not a panacea.

We might also point out that Obama’s hometown of Chicago just took over as murder capital of the nation. The Windy City has some of the nation’s strictest gun control laws – laws that don’t curb gang violence on the Democrats’ inner city poverty plantations.

At the memorial service, Obama continued: “These families have endured a shattering tragedy. It ought to be a shock to us all. It ought to obsess us. It ought to lead to some sort of transformation.”

Indeed, he is obsessed – obsessed with trampling the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens in response to the acts of evil men.