Right Hooks

Oh Those GOP 'Fanatics'

"'Thelma and Louise' style" bothers Reid.

Sep. 24, 2013

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid isn’t happy about the GOP effort to defund ObamaCare. “Are Republicans so intent on undermining both President Obama and his signature health care law that they’re willing to inflict severe damage to our economy in the process?” Reid asked. “America will know exactly who to blame: Republican fanatics in the House and the Senate.”

He continued, “Two dozen Senate Republicans have spoken out against this foolhardy plan to drive the economy off the cliff – two dozen. This ‘Thelma and Louise’ style just isn’t getting the attention of the American people in a positive tone. If Democrats don’t bow to every demand [Tea Party Republicans] have, they want to go right over the cliff. Well, we’re not going to go with them.”

Agree or disagree with GOP tactics, but clearly it’s ObamaCare that is driving the economy off the cliff. Defunding – or better, repealing – the law will help the economy.

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