The Patriot Post® · AGW to Kill 750 Million People

The outrageous predictions continue despite data revealing no global warming over the last 15 years.

According to the progressive Truthout organization in a piece titled Global Warming About to Claim Three Quarters of a Billion People, “The IPCC [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] … is releasing its new report in stages over the next week and this early piece was reported on by the Financial Times on Monday. Under the headline ‘Climate Change Chief Sounds Alert on Himalayan Glaciers,’ the opening sentence of the article by Pilita Clark summarizes it very tightly: ‘The glaciers of the Himalayas are melting so fast they will affect the water supplies of a population twice that of the US within 22 years, the head of the world’s leading authority on climate change has warned.’”

“Three quarters of a billion people is a lot of people,” Truthout brilliantly observes. “And that’s how many people, within the next 22 years, will almost certainly run low on water – a necessity of life – in just the regions whose rivers are supplied with water from the glaciers in the Himalayas.” Apparently, “running low” on water now means the automatic extinction of 750 million people. The alarmism continues, “It means that hundreds of millions of people will be displaced, will starve, and will die. It means wars. It means famines. It means raging forest fires and the death of grasslands. It means the acidification of our oceans and the destruction of our ocean ecosystems. It means that we stand on the edge of tipping points that hurtle humanity toward extinction.”

Yikes! The publication concludes with language typically used by ecofacists: We can only solve this impending catastrophe using Big Brother initiatives.

Only the catastrophes never materialize.

Haven’t we heard this story before? “Scientists” predicted that the Arctic would be ice-free by 2013. Yet here we are, and the North Pole is experiencing a 60% year-over-year increase in sea ice coverage. But don’t let facts get in the way of wish-casting.