The Patriot Post® · What Is Economic Freedom?

Essential Liberty

Columnist Selwyn Duke: “Given how important economic freedom is, we should note how it’s lost: through lack of appreciation. After all, cease to value something, and you may not preserve it – demonize it enough, and you’ll surely destroy it. … [O]ur whole modern world is a tribute to economic freedom. … The problem here is that people tend to take what they have for granted and view wealth in relative terms. … In America today [being poor] generally means you have an older car, a TV, refrigerator, air conditioning and a host of other luxuries. The reality? Our government’s ‘poverty line’ is a political ploy. In an absolute sense, there is very, very little poverty in the U.S. – because of economic freedom. Our great discoveries, inventions and innovations were not made by bureaucrats, nor generally at their direction. … Economic freedom unleashes the creative capacities of the common man, from border to border, transforming the populace into an army of wealth creators. And nothing can compete with that. Without creation, there can be no distribution.”