The Patriot Post® · Confrontation vs. Compromise

Essential Liberty

Columnist Star Parker: “The founders of the United States drew up a Constitution to serve as an operating manual, in its checks and balances, for peaceful, deliberative government. They understood human nature and set up a system in which competing interests would have to give in. Compromise, they understood, is a necessary lubricant for the wheels of government ‘of the people, by the people, and for the people’ to turn and allow us to move forward. But compromise is meant for those competing interests – not for the core principles of the country that the Constitution exists to protect and secure. When the principles of our free nation under God are under siege, it is a time for confrontation, not compromise. … The American government is no longer about doing the business of the people while preserving and protecting the principles of a free nation. The principles of freedom have been drowned out by the power elite – whether politicians, big business lobbyists or big media – who use their influence to feather their own beds.”