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Columnist William Murchison: “Events have been building toward this moment of pain and agony for about 70 years – ever since the historical moment when the American electorate told Franklin Roosevelt it was time the federal government started sorting out the particulars of economic growth and distribution. The current crisis is only peripherally about health care exchanges, spending resolutions and vitriol spewed by the political and journalistic fraternities. The current crisis, at its heart, is about greed and the human lust for authority over other humans. … The role that voters and their representatives have assigned government over the past seven or eight decades is the role, ultimately, of smothering aspiration and achievement. … The problem is America’s growing acceptance of the delusory propositions that opportunity means someone else’s good luck. That passing the buck is the prelude to receiving bucks galore from other parties. That the government must surely love and care for you, because … well, don’t you watch the President’s speeches?”

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