Right Hooks

The Cruz Blues

Now Obama's on offense and Republicans are on defense.

Oct. 11, 2013

According to analysis by the Wall Street Journal, when Sen. Ted Cruz unwittingly derailed the conservative House CR strategy, he may have boosted his political capital, but the shutdown is taking a heavy toll on House Republicans. According to the Journal, the shutdown eclipsed Obama’s IRS, Benghazi and Syrian scandals, enabled him to get back on the offensive, and has Republicans on the run. For example, in July, Republicans had a 12-point lead with independents. Now Demos lead by nine. And the GOP’s favorability rating has dropped by 10 points to 28%. Additionally, Philip Klein in the conservative Washington Examiner, details how Cruz undermined the Republican negotiations. Read Thomas Sowell’s assessment of Ted Cruz’s failed tactics. Part one and Part Two.

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