The Patriot Post® · Some 'Concession'

Columnist Arnold Ahlert: “[I]n the one concession granted by Democrats to Republicans, those seeking subsidies under the new healthcare bill will have to have their incomes verified. That Democrats consider it a concession to require someone to prove his income is low enough to qualify for a taxpayer subsidized insurance premium provides a valuable insight into the progressive view of the free-for-all public trough. Prior to this concession, the Obama administration was willing to rely on the honor system, and ‘accept the applicant’s attestation [regarding eligibility] without further verification’ until 2015. Why wouldn’t Democrats be concerned with the possibility of gaming the system? Because as long as that system fosters greater levels of government dependency, Democrats are all for it. And they are for it irrespective of the costs and by inviting people to defraud the government.”