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The Writing Is on the Wall

The ObamaCare rollout has been so bad that Democrats are dropping the name.

Nov. 20, 2013
Ancient Babylon

It has been obvious for some time that ObamaCare is full of lies, and that one of the primary lies was this: “You can keep your plan. Period.” Barack Obama “apologized” for this “misstatement,” while other Democrats are torn between arguing Obama said nothing wrong and asserting that they knew all along that you couldn’t keep your plan.

The latter group is far closer to the truth. Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy unearthed a brief filed by the Justice Department in Priests for Life v HHS that acknowledges and argues for regulations that would cancel millions of insurance plans: “Even under the grandfathering provision, it is projected that more group health plans will transition to the requirements under the regulations as time goes on. Defendants [the government] have estimated that a majority of group health plans will have lost their grandfather status by the end of 2013.”

As for Obama’s “fix” – allowing state insurance commissioners to decide whether insurance companies in their state can extend cancelled policies through next year’s elections – it quickly turned from illegal farce to unwanted flop. Insurance commissioners in Washington, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont and Minnesota (all blue states) have already declined to participate; more will undoubtedly follow. Georgia’s commissioner called it a “political stunt,” but promised to do everything he can to help Georgians kicked off their plans.

Meanwhile, user data at remains at “critical risk,” according to congressional testimony from an IT expert Tuesday. An inspector general report warned over the summer about the lack of security testing, and, in August, 14 attorneys general demanded a delay of the launch in order to address security issues. Evidently the site is no better seven weeks after its launch, but the administration continues to offer nothing but Jedi mind tricks: “This is not the security vulnerability you’re looking for.”

Worse, Henry Chao, the deputy chief information officer for Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), estimates that 30% of the website still hasn’t been built. And that includes the payment system, which brings up another question: If people can’t pay, is anyone actually enrolled? Political considerations alone pushed HHS to proceed with the Oct. 1 rollout, but they badly miscalculated because ObamaCare will continue to fail and it will continue to bring Democrats down.

It wasn’t long ago that Obama was bragging that when opponents saw how well the “Affordable” Care Act worked, they’d quit calling it “ObamaCare.” He, himself, used to take pride in that name. After its calamitous rollout, however, it’s Democrats who are dropping the it. “ObamaCare” is disappearing from and Democrats’ websites, as well as from TV talking points and speeches. Nancy Pelosi even corrected David Gregory for using the term on NBC.

However, Democrats can’t erase the term “ObamaCare” completely; it is the writing on the wall. And we are replacing it with “DemoCare,” to ensure nobody forgets who forced this behemoth on them, when voting in 2014 and beyond!

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