Right Hooks

Demo Rips Benghazi Investigation

Rep. Joaquín Castro blasts Issa, other Republicans.

Jan. 2, 2014

Rep. Joaquín Castro (D-TX) issued this assertion regarding the terrorist attack on the American consulate in Benghazi: “Chairman Issa and members of that committee crusaded for over a year on what was really a fairytale, claiming that the administration knew that Al Qaeda was involved and wouldn’t admit it.” Castro ridiculously added that “Susan Rice and the administration were trying their best to level with the American people” and that Republicans “crusaded against the administration in a way that I think has been a big distraction for the American people.” The administration was unquestionably busy duping Americans in the months leading up to the presidential election by purportedly blaming the attack on an anti-Islamic video – all to protect Obama’s reelection bid. Yet Mr. Castro has the gall to suggest that the only lawmakers entertaining any interest in this fiasco are crusading on a fairytale. We’d like to remind the Texas rep. that this “fairytale” resulted in the deaths of four Americans who are still awaiting justice.