The Patriot Post® · Rolling Enrollment Numbers

According to HHS, 3.3 million people have now signed up for ObamaCare, including 1,146,100 in January, making last month the first one to exceed target numbers. Still, the administration is short more than a million enrollees from where they hoped to be at this point, thanks to the Hindenburg launch of But – and it’s a big “but” – HHS won’t say how many of those 3.3 million people have paid their first premium, and payment is necessary for someone to actually be enrolled. One health care expert informally polled major insurers and found that about 20% of sign-ups are actually paid up. Apply that to January’s numbers, and HHS is overestimating by nearly 1 million. Did we mention that the CBO estimates an astounding 83% of enrollees will receive subsidies?