The Patriot Post® · HHS on Uninsured: Who Cares?

Arnold Ahlert: “When Gary Cohen, who will soon be leaving his job as the director of the main implementation office at the Health and Human Services Department, showed up at an insurance conference last Thursday, he touted the administration’s updated enrollment figures of 4 million enrollees. Unfortunately for him he was asked a critical question: how many of the people who signed up for ObamaCare were previously uninsured? 'That’s not a data point that we are really collecting in any sort of systematic way,‘ he responded. … 4.7 million Americans had their 'bad apple’ insurance plans cancelled. How many of them the administration is now promoting as new healthcare enrollees is not only impossible to determine, but as Gary Cohen reminds us, of no importance. In other words, we have a healthcare plan sold to Americans based entirely on the premise of reducing the number of uninsured – by an administration that now professes to have no interest whatsoever in knowing whether or not they achieved their objective. Absolutely pathetic.”