The Patriot Post® · West Has Some Fight Left

Col. Allen West asks, “Was it fun for me to lose an election? No. Not at all. But if I quit after that loss, I would just be a politician. That’s not who I am.” West lost his 2012 race to retain his Florida House seat after Democrats fought hard to kick him out. Why did they fight so hard? West knows exactly why: “I’m a threat to what the Democrat Party stands for. Why would they want to attack a 51-year-old, African-American who has served in the United States military for 22 years? Been married for 23 years, has a wife who’s accomplished – an MBA and a PhD – and two very exceptional daughters. Now what the heck do they want to attack that for? I think it’s one simple thing. They fear that. They fear that voice and that’s all there is to it, and I think that’s a shame.”