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Civil Disobedience in New York

Growing unease over SAFE Act.

Mar. 18, 2014

A group of New York residents acted in civil disobedience Sunday by burning around a thousand registration forms in response to the state’s recently enacted SAFE Act, which requires the registration of “assault” weapons. Organizers say the orchestration is intended to rally support for non-compliance as the April 15 registration deadline looms. Activist E.J. Stokes said, “Once the Second [Amendment] falls, the rest will go with it. It’s an unconstitutional law, done in the middle of the night with no input from the public.” Jake Palmateer, who organized the gathering, added, “We are opposed to registration because the evidence is clear that registration leads to confiscation.” And not all council members are on board with New York’s draconian measures, either: “We are not extremists. We are simply free men who love our country,” said one Schoharie County councilman. The real extremists are the leftist politicos infringing on your constitutional rights.

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