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Obama's Expensive Junkets

Most-traveled and most expensive president.

Mar. 24, 2014

Time spent on extraneous international junkets are becoming about as common for Barack Obama as golf outings. According to the National Taxpayer Union Foundation (NTUF), Breitbart reports, “After five years in the White House, Obama has taken 31 trips for a total of 119 days abroad,” good for first place. George W. Bush was close with 116 days after five years as president, as was Bill Clinton at 113 days. Additionally, “taxpayers are on the hook for about $228,288 per Air Force One flight hour in 2013, a 27 percent increase from the previously confirmed cost of $179,750 per,” making Obama the most expensive president as well. Of course, this comes out of taxpayers’ wallets, many of whom continue to suffer through Obama’s anemic economic recovery. Far too many of these taxpayers were also duped by Obama’s faux promises to curtail wasteful spending and tackle the federal deficit.

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