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Two Totalitarians, One Game

Obama and Putin are more similar than you think.

Mar. 27, 2014

Author Daniel Greenfield: “War is what Obama does best. The War on Women. War on Poverty. Class War. Race War. … Every time a battle is won and an election ends, a new source of social conflict is dug up and deployed for war. … Internationally, it’s the KGB agent, not the community organizer, who profits from conflict. Putin plays Obama’s role in the world community, dividing and conquering, doing to America internationally what Obama does to it domestically. … Obama would like Putin to go away so that he can focus on demonizing the domestic political opposition. Putin would like his domestic political opposition to go away so that he can focus on demonizing America. It’s the same old game by two reds with law degrees on different political battlegrounds. Obama thinks globally and acts locally. Putin thinks locally and acts globally. … For Obama and Putin, it’s not really about Crimea or birth control; it’s about power.”

Make sure and read the entire article, Obama and Putin: Two Totalitarians, One Game.

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