The Patriot Post® · Speechless for ObamaCare

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has been hitting the talk shows for years now to push ObamaCare, so it’s rather amazing when she’s rendered speechless. Such was the case, however, in an interview with an Oklahoma City TV news crew. The anchor asked Sebelius about the “64% of Oklahomans [who] aren’t buying into the health care plan, adding, "They don’t like ObamaCare, and they’ve been pretty vocal about it. Now that’s going to still continue to be a tough sell, but we’ll see how that plays out over the coming months.” Sebelius answered with total silence for an eternal seven seconds before the anchor gave up, thinking they had “lost sound.” She replied, “Well, I can hear you, but – thanks for having me.” Maybe she’s realizing that words just aren’t going to cut it anymore.