The Patriot Post® · ObamaCare Suit in Nevada

“Why are folks working so hard for people not to have health insurance?” Barack Obama wanted to know. Funny he should ask, because ObamaCare has the perverse effect of making it hard for people to have insurance. Last month, we relayed the story of Larry Basich, a Las Vegas man who enrolled in ObamaCare, paid his premium, but was then not actually enrolled anyway, leading to medical bills exceeding $400,000. This week, Basich joined a class-action lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court of Nevada. Attorney Matthew Callister insists, “This has nothing to do with the [Affordable Care Act]. This is 100% about Xerox, who won the bid from the state of Nevada to create this exchange. And they’ve failed.” Would they have created the exchange without ObamaCare? No. So we’d say this is about the “Affordable” Care Act.