The Patriot Post® · No Accountability at ATF

The ATF allegedly ran various sting operations in several cities to catch “gun traffickers,” but they ended up snaring a few mentally disabled men in the process. In fact, it seems they targeted these men as easy marks. But ATF Director Todd Jones denied it, saying, “We do not target the developmentally disabled.” House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) wasn’t buying it, though. “Your agents target people with low IQs because they are susceptible to this kind of buddying up,” Issa told Jones. “One individual was tutored by ATF agents about how to use a machine gun so he could go out, buy one, and then be arrested by ATF.” Meanwhile, Jones confirmed that no one was fired for Operation Fast and Furious. That’s a travesty of justice, to be sure, and it also makes it unlikely that anything will come of the bureau’s other “botched” stings.