The Patriot Post® · Needed: Military Morals

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel addressed the epidemic of sexual assault in the military, saying that it goes beyond a matter of law to morals. “[O]ur country, fortunately, is a nation of laws,” Hagel said. “We start with the Constitution. It’s imperfect. We have many laws. If we just follow the logic of laws, we shouldn’t have any crimes, because we have laws. Well, we know that that doesn’t work. We are imperfect creatures.” The way to counter the problem, he said, goes further, and will succeed only “if we can get individuals where we need to get them to start with as their own personal behavior and personal conduct – their responsibility to conduct themselves not just legally but morally right.” How politically incorrect. After all, this is the same military that has become the social engineering toy of Barack Obama and the Left. Morals? Who needs ‘em when political gain is to be had.