The Patriot Post® · Arming the Feds

Former Congressman Allen West is worried about the militarization of the federal government. “The rate at which this administration is arming federal agencies is quite alarming,” he says. “Case in point–the recent standoff against Cliven Bundy in Nevada. In recent years, armed federal government agents have stormed against citizens in Ruby Ridge, Miami (the Elian Gonzalez case), and Waco, Texas (the Branch Davidians). Each of these assaults occurred under a Democrat presidential administration. Enabled by lies and deceit, could it be that liberal progressive socialism only works by fear, intimidation, and coercion? Or is Obama more afraid of the American people than our enemies abroad?” By comparison, West notes, Obama is eager to de-militarize the military. “So, as we decimate our military, cut retiree and veteran benefits, and cut benefits to our military families, we are arming federal agencies. Why?” Good question.