The Patriot Post® · Toyota Heads for Texas

For three decades, Toyota has called Torrance, California, home in the U.S. – but no more. The world’s second largest automaker announced plans to take 3,000 jobs and head for the freer markets of Texas, putting it closer to its manufacturing facilities. The LA Times reports that this is becoming a trend: “Occidental Petroleum Corp. said in February that it was relocating from Los Angeles to Houston, making it one of around 60 companies that have moved to Texas since July 2012, according to Texas Gov. Rick Perry.” Why the exodus? Under decades of Democrat rule, California has become a land of high taxes and burdensome regulation – the perfect formula for chasing business away. Texas has done the opposite, and it should serve notice to leftists that the Lone Star State is wooing all the gold from the Golden State.

Correction: An earlier version of this story said that 5,000 jobs will leave California. Toyota actually plans to leave 2,300 jobs there and take 3,000 to Texas.