The Patriot Post® · George Will Praises Tea Party

Political commentator George Will praised the Tea Party during an interview with The Daily Caller, shooting down rumors of the movement’s demise as premature. If anything, they’re stronger than ever. From the interview: “The Tea Party is a huge force. In some ways, more of a force than ever. … It came into the Republican Party and brought an enormous energy and intensity. Energy and intensity at the end of the day wins elections. … [T]he Tea Party’s fundamental message is to recover the vocabulary of constitutionalism and limited government, and the connection between the Declaration and the Constitution. So I’m very pro Tea Party. … People think the Tea Party began in reaction to Barack Obama. It did somewhat, but it was dry kindling there because people were appalled – rightly so – by the spending under George W. Bush. So the Tea Party was initially I think a reaction of disgust about Republican behavior from 2001 through 2009.”