Right Hooks

Walker Probe Shut Down

Another leftist defeat.

May 7, 2014

After Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker survived the recall effort led by Big Labor activists, Democrats turned to erroneously accusing Walker’s campaign and other conservative groups like Club for Growth of breaking finance rules, eventually leading to a lawsuit. That effort has also proved futile, at least for the time being. Milwaukee’s Journal Sentinel reports, “A federal judge ordered a halt Tuesday to the John Doe investigation into campaign spending and fundraising by Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign and conservative groups, saying the effort appeared to violate one of the group’s free speech rights.” Judge Rudolph Randa, citing a Supreme Court ruling, noted that the groups’ tactics “should be recognized as promoting political speech, an activity that is ‘ingrained in our culture.’” He added, “The plaintiffs have been shut out of the political process merely by association with conservative politicians. This cannot square with the First Amendment and what it was meant to protect.” The decision is likely to be appealed, but for the time being, it’s another win for Scott Walker and, more importantly, the Constitution.

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