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It Won't Always Be 'ObamaCare'

Obama repeats ridiculous claim.

May 21, 2014

During another fundraiser appearance, Barack Obama repeated his claim that, because ObamaCare’s so great, Republicans will eventually ditch the term. “First of all, in five years it will no longer be called ObamaCare,” he asserted, “because when something is working, they’re definitely not going to – there will be a whole renaming process.” So how well is ObamaCare working? Nevada became the latest state this week to dump its exchange – another $75 million down the drain. Nevada instead is partnering with the other bug-ridden exchange, Healthcare.gov. Reason’s Peter Suderman notes, “As of the middle of this month, the state’s exchange had only signed up about 30 percent of its target of 118,000 people for insurance coverage.” But hey, this thing is working! Meanwhile, the feds have ramped up the investigation into Cover Oregon and Oregon Health Authority, issuing subpoenas to the two departments responsible for wasting hundreds of millions of dollars on that state’s failed exchange.

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