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ICE's Greyhound to America

Dropping off Aliens is a bad policy.

May 30, 2014

Recently, the U.S. Border Patrol has had a new way to deal with the illegal immigrants that they catch crossing the border. When caught, Immigration and Customs Enforcement flies illegal aliens to Arizona where the agency charged with keeping the border secure drops them off at the Greyhound stop in Phoenix or Tucson in hopes the immigrants take the bus headed south. Spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform Ira Mehlman said, “This is a huge concern. This is exactly the incentive for people to cross the border illegally.” What’s to stop those aliens from taking the next bus to, say, New York or Chicago? Even advocates for illegal immigrants say the ICE’s move is a monstrous because the aliens were left with no money or food. ICE started giving the detainees lunches for the road, but that’s putting lipstick on a pig. The issue isn’t hunger, it’s Rule of Law. More…

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