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No 'High-Capacity' Magazines

CA killer used several magazines.

Jun. 6, 2014

According to Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brow, the California mass murderer “fired more than 50 rounds of ammunition, changing magazines more than five times during the shooting spree.” He also left behind 410 rounds of additional ammunition. Brow’s remark was reported in the Los Angeles Times – the very same outlet that has long promoted a universal ban on “high-capacity” magazines. Anyone can switch out a depleted magazine in mere seconds, which disproves gun control activists’ assertion that a ban on large magazines will deter those intent on carrying out a murderous rampage. Ultimately, the young man’s story is similar to that of most mass murderers. The means of carrying out these crimes should not hinder our addressing of the underlying issue – the cultural rot that creates these deranged killers.

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